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February 08, 2022
Pod Save America
“Fine, we’ll talk about Joe Rogan.”

In This Episode

The Republican Party passes an official resolution stating that the violent insurrection on January 6th that left multiple people dead and injured was “legitimate political discourse;” Mike Pence says Donald Trump is wrong about his ability to overturn the election, and guest host Sam Sanders joins to talk about the controversies raging through the media over Joe Rogan, Jeff Zucker, and Jon Lovett’s interview with Jen Psaki.


Show Notes



  • WaPo: RNC votes to condemn Cheney, Kinzinger for serving on House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump mob
  • CNN: The Republican Party is enabling Trump’s politics of violence
  • WSJ: Trump’s Comments Fuel Bipartisan Effort to Clarify Role of Vice President in Elections
  • NYT: Overhaul of Electoral Count Act ‘Absolutely’ Will Pass, Manchin Says
  • NYT: Fearing a Repeat of Jan. 6, Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law
  • CNN: Pence’s chief of staff says former VP rebuked Trump because it ‘merited a response’
  • WSJ Op-Ed: Mike Pence’s Constitution 
  • WaPo: The significance of Pence’s rebuke of Trump, by Aaron Blake
  • Axios: Chris Christie: Trump incited Jan. 6 riot to “intimidate Mike Pence” 
  • MSNBC: What made Trump’s response to Pence unexpectedly strange
  • TalkingPointsMemo: Don’t Mess with Mike?
  • TheHill: Republicans back Pence rebuke of Trump on overturning 2020 election
  • NBC: DeSantis refuses to take sides in Trump-Pence clash as 2024 speculation grows
  • TheHill:   Comey: Biden should consider pardoning Trump



  • CNN: Spotify CEO condemns Rogan’s use of racial slurs, but says company won’t be ‘silencing’ him
  • CNN: Dwayne Johnson reconsiders his support of Joe Rogan
  • NBC: Andrew Yang apologizes for tweet saying Joe Rogan isn’t racist because he works with Black people
  • NPR: The Joe Rogan controversy spotlights how some podcasts spread disinformation
  • Daily Mail: CNN’s Brian Stelter describes Jeff Zucker’s exit as ‘almost Shakespearean’: Blames the Cuomo scandals for his downfall saying ‘a straight line can be drawn between them’
  • Deadline: CNN’s Don Lemon Gives Tearful Jeff Zucker Eulogy To Open His Show 
  • Variety: Spotify Removes 70 Episodes of ‘Joe Rogan Experience’; Podcast Host Apologizes for Using N-Word 
  • WaPo: How an out-of-context Jen Psaki clip led to days of Fox coverage 
  • CNN: Hear what people inside CNN are saying about Jeff Zucker’s exit 
  • Salon: Stop feeding Joe Rogan’s trolls: Progressives must reclaim the politics of pleasure USA Today: Jon Stewart calls Joe Rogan Spotify fracas an ‘overreaction.’ Here’s what stars are saying 
  • NYT: At CNN, Personal and Corporate Tensions Collide After Jeff Zucker’s Exit
  • Parker Malloy’s substack: Hit the road, Jeff
  • NYT: Spotify’s Joe Rogan Problem Isn’t Going Away
  • NYT: Spotify and Joe Rogan Respond to Complaints About Covid Misinformation
  • Pew: Trust in America: Do Americans trust the news media? 
  • Gallup: Americans’ Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record
  • Politifact: In context: What Jen Psaki said about ‘soft-on-crime consequences’
  • WaPo: How an out-of-context Jen Psaki clip led to days of Fox coverage
  • The Hill: Cleveland radio hosts slams Psaki for remarks on crime surge
  • Daily Mail: ​​Republican Rep. Malliotakis urges Eric Adams to confront Biden on ALL surging crime and not just guns when he visits New York on Thursday after Psaki was eviscerated for mocking ‘soft-on-crime’ concerns


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