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May 18, 2023
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Democrats Go Off In An Off Year

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Democrats worry about the debt ceiling deal Joe Biden might make with Kevin McCarthy. The party gets good news in Tuesday’s elections. Ron DeSantis will announce his presidential run next week because he’s tired of the Republican culture of losing. And the most definitive report on the 2022 midterms give us clues about the 2024 electorate. Then Democratic messaging guru Anat Shenker-Osorio stops by to talk about how Dems should be talking about the budget negotiations. And Jon and Dan play another round of Take Take Don’t Tell Me.


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WaPo – Senate Democrats ask Biden to ready 14th Amendment, bypass GOP on debt limit
NYT – Biden Says He Is Confident America Will Not Default on Its Debts
Semafor: Biden and McCarthy are suddenly getting along in debt ceiling talks. That makes progressives nervous.
The Washington Post– Republicans keep having bad elections
NYT: DeSantis Goes 0-for-2 on Election Night
POLITICO – Democrats keep Pennsylvania House majority