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January 23, 2020
Pod Save America
“Davos confessions.”

In This Episode

Schiff makes the case against Trump, Trump confesses to obstruction and floats cuts to Medicare and Social Security in Davos, and Bernie gains momentum with less than two weeks until Iowa. Then Desmond Meade of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition talks to Dan about fighting the Republican effort to keep returning citizens from voting.

Show notes


  • NYT: Impeachment Schedule Explained: Why the Trial Could Last Weeks 
  • PBS: The impeachment trial rules are set. Here’s what happens next 
  • CNN: Senate passes impeachment trial rules to punt on witnesses in early Wednesday morning vote 
  • CBS News: Impeachment trial: Bitter debate on trial rules dominates Day 1 of Senate proceedings 
  • Politico: ‘Corrupt scheme and cover-up’: Schiff lays out the case for impeachment 
  • NYT: Trump Impeachment: Live Updates of the Trial’s Opening Arguments 
  • WSJ: Democrats Present Their Case for Trump’s Removal 
  • Politico: Republicans livid over Nadler’s ‘cover-up’ accusation
  • Kansas City Star: ‘Open gasping.’ Josh Hawley says House team turns off senators with cover-up warnings 
  • CNN: Schiff claims Trump ‘bragged’ about withholding material from Congress 
  • Daily Beast: Trump Admits to Withholding Evidence From Impeachment 
  • WaPo: After Republican senators block new impeachment evidence, Trump boasts about what he’s withholding
  • Politico: Empty seats, Alyssa Milano and other news from today’s trial
  • Jon Ward tweet thread on it
  • Michael McAuliff tweet thread on it
  • Politico: McConnell makes strategic retreat to keep firm grip on Trump trial
  • Politico: McConnell rams through Trump trial rules
  • Josh Holmes tweet thread
  • Susan Glasser tweet [response to Holmes]
  • Josh Holmes tweet
  • Josh Holmes tweet
  • Pew Research Center: By a Narrow Margin, Americans Say Senate Trial Should Result in Trump’s Removal
  • Politico: Poll: Voters still support Trump’s removal, but backing has dipped
  • Reuters: Let them speak: Most Americans want witnesses in Trump impeachment trial – Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • CNN: CNN poll: 51% say Senate should remove Trump from office
  • The Hill: Majority of Maine voters say Trump abused power: poll
  • Polling memo release by the firm
  • NYT: Rebuke From Roberts Signals His Limited Role in Trump’s Senate Trial
  • WaPo: Roberts admonishes House managers, Trump lawyers, telling them to ‘remember where they are’
  • Politico: Why Is John Roberts Even in the Impeachment Trial?

Trump in Davos

  • AP: Trump slams impeachment, lauds US economy at Davos forum
  • CBS News: Trump again blasts impeachment “hoax” before leaving Davos
  • NYT: Trump, in Davos to Talk Trade, Lashes Out at Enemies Back Home
  • WSJ: Trump Doubles Down on Threats to Impose Tariffs on European Cars
  • NYT: Trump Focuses on Economy at Davos, Seeking a Counter to Impeachment
  • Trump’s full speech
  • CNBC: Full interview: President Trump discusses trade, impeachment, Boeing and Elon Musk with CNBC in Davos 
  • WaPo: Trump appears open to overhauling Social Security and Medicare, in break from 2016 campaign pledge
  • NYT: Trump Opens Door to Cuts to Medicare and Other Entitlement Programs 
  • WaPo: Supreme Court refuses to fast-track a challenge to the Affordable Care Act
  • CNN: Supreme Court signals it won’t consider Obamacare challenge before election


  • WaPo: The Trailer: The candidates who are already missing Iowa
  • FiveThirtyEight – Election Update: It’s Cherry-Picking Season
  • Slate: Polling Indicates Trump, Biden May Come to Regret Convincing America Bernie Sanders is Honest and Incorruptible
  • The Hill – Sanders holds 4-point lead on Biden in new California poll
  • CNN: 6 takeaways from CNN’s latest national poll on 2020
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Has Narrow Lead in New National Poll
  • Vox: A new poll shows Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in a virtual tie
  • Boston Globe – Sanders, Biden lead tight pack of front-runners in Suffolk/Globe New Hampshire poll
  • Plain Dealer – Poll: Donald Trump has ground to make up in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
  • NYT: Stuck In the Senate as Their 2020 Rivals Have Iowa to Themselves
  • NYT: Pete Buttigieg Traverses Iowa, Trying to Channel Obama and Sway the Undecided
  • Politico: Biden dings Sanders on gun reform as feud ramps up
  • NYT: Biden and Sanders Trade Criticism Over Honesty, Social Security and Guns
  • Vox: What a stripper pole controversy says about the Buttigieg campaign
  • HuffPo: A Joe Biden Mailer Targeting Iowa Voters Uses Sinister Image Of Iran
  • NBC: Joe Biden wipes away tears: ‘Beau should be the one running’ 
  • NYT: What Polling Tells Us About Bernie Sanders’s Chances
  • WaPo: Battle over Social Security spills into 2020 campaign as Democrats spar and Trump weighs in
  • Politico: Sanders campaign privately urges restraint after Clinton attack – Bernie’s aides and allies feel that Hillary Clinton is trying to bait them. 
  • WaPo: Sanders, a critic of secret money in politics, declines to call on a group supporting him to disclose its donors
  • Politico: ‘Not just TV’: Inside Steyer’s South Carolina surge
  • FiveThirtyEight – Why People Keep Asking Elizabeth Warren Whether She Can Win