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October 21, 2021
Pod Save America
“Darkest before a deal.”

In This Episode

Democratic officials express optimism about a potential deal on Joe Biden’s economic plan, journalist Amy Westervelt from the climate podcast Hot Take joins to talk about whether we can still save the planet with Joe Manchin in the Senate, and Dan and Jon discuss why reporters are whining that President Biden’s not taking more questions from them.


Show Notes


BBB progress?


President Biden tweet 

The Recount tweet 

Playbook PM: The early winners and losers of the emerging BBB framework 

Punchbowl: Inside the W.H.’s push 

Politico: Dems toil to save SALT following last-minute scare 

MotherJones: SCOOP: Manchin Tells Associates He’s Considering Leaving the Democratic Party and Has an Exit Plan 

Politico: Sinema blows up Dems’ plans to tax high earners, corporations 

New Jersey Playbook: Ciattarelli fights election conspiracy theories 

The Guardian: Millions in US hope plan to expand dental care survives cuts to Biden’s bill NYU: How Expanding Medicare Could Start Closing the Medical-Dental Divide NBC’s Sahil Kapur tweet 

WaPo: Biden tells Democrats that package of up to $1.9 trillion should be new target of talks 

WSJ: Biden Identifies Cuts to Social Policy and Climate Bill 

NPR: Rep. Jayapal on negotiations between Biden and House Democrats over Build Back Better 

Forbes: What Is The Mandate For Medicare Expansion? 

WaPo: Medicare vision, hearing and dental benefits are No. 1 on progressives’ list 

Data for Progress Polling


Climate Conversation with Amy Westervelt


The Nation: This 5-Point Plan Will Fix Climate Coverage

Teen Vogue: Fossil Fuel Branded Content Is a Form of Climate Denial and Propaganda 

NY Times: Biden’s Climate Plan Stymied by 1 Senator 

Washington Post: Tracking Biden’s environmental actions 

NPR: Despite climate change promises, governments plan to ramp up fossil fuel production Newsweek: Scientific Consensus Is Clear Humans Cause Climate Change Ahead of COP26 Summit 

Scientific American: World Waits for Specifics on U.S. Climate Plan 

TIME: If the U.S. Spends Big on Climate, the Rest of the World Might Follow 

Brookings: Leveraging the Cautious optimism on the road to Glasgow

Wall Street Journal: What Is COP26 in Glasgow and Why Does the Climate Change Summit Matter?

 Washington Post: White House doubles down on executive action as Democrats weigh trimming Hill climate plan 

The Hill: Manchin on party switch: ‘It’s bull—-‘ 

The Atlantic: Biden Cannot Declare Victory on Climate Without One of These Policies

Vox: The myth of the climate moderate 


Should Biden be doing more interviews?


West Wing Playbook: Why Biden’s not doing interviews 

Politico: Biden bets his agenda on the inside game 

Mehdi Hassan tweet 

Walter Shaub tweet 

RNC Research tweet 

The Hill: Biden giving stiff-arm to press interviews 



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