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March 09, 2020
Pod Save America
“Coronavirus doesn’t watch Fox News.”

In This Episode

The coronavirus pandemic worsens and markets tank, Trump downplays the crisis and bungles the response, and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders face off in another six states on Tuesday. Then North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham talks to Jon F. about his race to replace Republican Thom Tillis and flip the Senate. And the hosts of Crooked Media’s new podcast Hall of Shame, Rachel Bonetta and Rachna Fruchbom, talk to Jon L. about their first two episodes.


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Show notes

Coronavirus Response

  • NBC News: U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 500, death toll rises to 21
  • CNN: 33 states now have coronavirus as a cruise ship linked to dozens of cases will soon dock in the US
  • NYT: As Death Toll Mounts, Governments Point Fingers Over Coronavirus
  • WaPo: What went wrong with the coronavirus tests in the U.S.
  • Politico: How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.
  • WSJ: Coronavirus Test Kits Aren’t Keeping Up With Surging U.S. Demand
  • Vox: The CDC’s rocky effort to get Americans tested for coronavirus, explained 
  • The Atlantic: Exclusive: The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing
  • WSJ: Italy’s Coronavirus Lockdown Met With Confusion, Questions About Enforcement 
  • BBC: Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people
  • CNN: Italy announces lockdown as global coronavirus cases surpass 105,000
  • AP: Official: White House didn’t want to tell seniors not to fly
  • Politico: Health officials shift tone on coronavirus, say elderly and sick at risk
  • Politico: Top health official to older Americans: ‘Don’t get on a cruise ship’
  • CNN: New CDC guidance says older adults should ‘stay at home as much as possible’ due to coronavirus
  • Vox: Trump’s visit to the CDC shows why there’s concern about his coronavirus response 
  • NYT: Trump Says ‘People Have to Remain Calm’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
  • NPR: Trump Visits CDC After Coronavirus Fears Throw Schedule Into Chaos
  • Politico: Trump’s mismanagement helped fuel coronavirus crisis
  • WaPo: Squandered time: How the Trump administration lost control of the coronavirus crisis
  • NYT: Inside Trump Administration, Debate Raged Over What to Tell Public
  • The Guardian: ‘They’re rooting for the coronavirus’: Trump allies attack Democrats and the media
  • NYT: Right-Wing Media Says Virus Fears Were Whipped Up to Hurt Trump
  • WaPo: Conservative pundits blame a grab bag of supposed villains amid the coronavirus outbreak
  • Media Matters: A guide to right-wing media reactions and conspiracy theories surrounding coronavirus
  • AP: AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s sunny side up take on coronavirus 
  • Media Matters: Under fire for a botched response to coronavirus, Trump tried to blame Obama. The New York Times helped out.
  • CNN: Trump falsely claimed that Obama administration slowed down diagnostic testing
  • NYT: Criticized for Coronavirus Response, Trump Points to Obama Administration 
  • NYT: Tracking Trump’s Claims on the Threat From Coronavirus
  • WaPo: Trump is pushing a dangerous, false spin on coronavirus — and the media is helping him spread it
  • Politico: Cuomo knocks federal coronavirus aid negotiated by Schumer, Lowey as ‘ludicrous’ 
  • NPR: Where That $8.3 Billion In U.S. Coronavirus Funding Will And Won’t Go
  • Politico: Trump signs $8.3B emergency coronavirus package 
  • WaPo: Trump’s latest coronavirus lies have a galling subtext
  • The Hill: Pelosi knocks Trump, accusing president of spreading falsehoods about coronavirus
  • ProPublica: House Democrats Probe Faulty Test Kits’ Role in Delaying Coronavirus Response

Biden v. Bernie

  • NYT: Democratic Delegate Count and Primary Election Results 2020
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Won Michigan in 2016. Tuesday’s Primary Looks Much Tougher. 
  • Seattle Times: Washington primary boils down to Biden vs. Sanders, but neither will return to state ahead of the vote
  • The Hill: Mini-Super Tuesday: Where Biden and Sanders stand in polls
  • NBC News: 2020 Primary Elections- Voting Calendar
  • LA Times: Washington state fights coronavirus spread, tells voters not to lick mail-in ballots
  • FiveThirtyEight: The 2020 Endorsement Primary
  • Politico: Sanders backed by Justice Democrats
  • CNN: Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders for president
  • Chicago Sun Times: At Chicago rally, Bernie Sanders tackles Joe Biden: ‘We have a different vision’
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Cancels Mississippi Rally, Shifting Focus to Michigan
  • MetroTimes: Bernie Sanders adds rallies in Dearborn and Ann Arbor ahead of Michigan primary
  • AZ Central: Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix: Nazi flag video surfaces
  • FiveThirtyEight: After Super Tuesday, Joe Biden Is A Clear Favorite To Win The Nomination
  • WaPo: For Bernie Sanders, Michigan is now the make-or-break state
  • Vox: The delegate math for Biden and Sanders after Super Tuesday, explained
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Might Have a Michigan Problem
  • WaPo: Why Biden has a distinct advantage moving forward in the Democratic contest 
  • Politico: Sanders courts Muslim voters for Michigan edge
  • The Guardian: Bernie Sanders plots new strategy to foil Biden and take charge of 2020 race
  • Politico: Sanders campaign hatches comeback plan
  • Yahoo News:  Bernie Sanders is hammering Joe Biden on Social Security
  • NYT: Sanders Continues Attacks on Trade but Concedes Biden Could Beat Trump
  • Politico: Sanders bashes Biden on trade for blue-collar votes
  • Politico: Sanders hits Biden, hugs Obama in post-Super Tuesday ads 
  • Politico: Sanders, Biden camps clash over Arizona debate format
  • Axios: Sanders says “the establishment” forced out Klobuchar and Buttigieg
  • ABC News: Biden builds on moderate coalition, collecting endorsements from former 2020 candidates
  • WTVA: Biden campaigns in Mississippi, Sanders sends surrogates
  • Saint Louis Dispatch: Biden brings his resurgent campaign to St. Louis, criticizes Trump, not Sanders
  • NBC News: Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden
  • Politico: Cash-flush Biden closes ad gap with Sanders
  • The Hill: Biden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries
  • Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden supporters fan out across Michigan to stump for his presidential campaign
  • CNN: Biden campaign launches its largest ad buy in 2020 election
  • NBC News: Biden campaign invests $12 million in ad buys
  • CNN: Biden says campaign raised $22 million in five days and warns against negativity from ‘Bernie Brothers’
  • Morning Consult: Biden Boasts 16-Point Lead Over Sanders in Democratic Presidential Race
  • Vox: The delegate math for Biden and Sanders after Super Tuesday, explained
  • Politico: Biden wages likability war on Sanders
  • WaPo: Sanders and Biden spar over Social Security as primary becomes two-man race 
  • WaPo (The Trailer): The Trailer: Will the state that made Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign break his 2020 campaign? 
  • NYT: Why Warren Supporters Aren’t a Lock to Get Behind Sanders
  • CNN: Why Warren supporters will split between Biden and Sanders