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August 01, 2022
Pod Save America
"Climate Change of Heart."

In This Episode

The fate of the Manchin miracle lies in the hands of Kyrsten Sinema, Democrats’ prospects of holding the senate may be brightening with just 100 days to go, and later, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin talks to Lovett about protecting same-sex marriage and democracy.


Show Notes



  • Vox: What Democrats’ big new bill would actually do
  • WaPo: How the Schumer-Manchin climate bill might impact you and change the U.S.
  • WaPo: The two-week scramble that saved Democrats’ climate agenda
  • NYT: Manchin, in Reversal, Agrees to Quick Action on Climate and Tax Plan
  • Vox: Why the Inflation Reduction Act isn’t a sure thing
  • CNN: All eyes turn to Sinema as Democrats face a week that could transform Biden’s presidency



  • FiveThirtyEight: 2022 Election Forecast
  • CBS: Republicans lead race for House control at start of 2022 campaign
  • The Guardian: Alarm as Arizona Republicans set to nominate election deniers for top posts
  • Salon: Kari Lake implicates Cindy McCain and George Soros in “plot to destroy America” NYT: Kansas Abortion Vote Tests Political Energy in Post-Roe America 
  • USA Today: Concern about abortion explodes among Democrats, fueling a push to vote 
  • CNN: How Republicans could still blow the 2022 midterm elections 
  • DSCC: 100 Days Out, Senate Democrats Have Republicans On Defense
  • Vox: Arizona’s 2022 GOP primary is all about 2020 
  • Politico: ‘Alarm bell’: Oz’s struggles have GOP pitching alternate path to Senate takeover Intelligencer: What the Hell Is Going on With Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign?
  • Politico: The Republican Hoping to Ride Trump’s Scandal Strategy to Victory
  • NBC: Midterm elections roundup: Dr. Oz launches ad in Pennsylvania
  • Intelligencer: Are Democrats Turning Around Their Dire Midterm Prospects?
  • Vox: Three bright spots for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms
  • NYT: Can Democrats Avoid a Midterm Wipeout?


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