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March 29, 2018
Pod Save America
“Choose your own obstruction.”

In This Episode

The Parkland students enrage right-wing pundits, Trump’s legal problems get worse, the Department of Veterans Affairs gets a new boss, and the Census gets a new question. Then Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, joins Jon and Dan to talk about her new book “Dear Madam President: An Open Letter To The Women Who Will Run The World.”

Livestream of today’s recording:

Show notes:

March For Our Lives:

  • Vox: March for Our Lives was the beginning, town halls are next
  • New Yorker: Will the March for Our Lives Lead to Real Change?
  • NBC: What’s next for the Parkland students? Graduation – then changing the world.
  • NYT: John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment
  • NYT: Trump says the Second Amendment will never be repealed
  • NYT: Parkland kids find themselves targets of lies and personal attacks
  • WaPo: How the Parkland kids became villains on the right wing Internet
  • Newsweek: Laura Ingraham mocks David Hogg over college rejections
  • New Republic – Smearing Parkland kids is symptom of the right’s idealogical exhaustion
  • WaPo: After March for Our Lives, students and senators take aim at the NRA

Russia Stuff:

  • NYT: Trump’s Lawyer raised prospect of pardons for Flynn and Manafort
  • Crooked: Trump world in full-blown Mueller panic
  • Politico: Trump attack unleashes oppo on Mueller
  • NYT: Trump aide spoke during campaign to associate tied to Russian intelligence
  • Bloomberg – Trump-Mueller talks continue after lawyers shuffle
  • WaPo: Mueller just drew his most direct line to date between Trump campaign and Russia
  • WaPo: 3 no good explanations for Trump’s lawyer floating pardons for Flynn and Manafort
  • Politico: White House says no discussion of pardons for Manafort or Gates

Stormy Daniels Stuff:

  • WaPo: Trump outs Shulkin at Va., nominates personal physician to replace him
  • NYT: Stormy Daniels attracts 22 million viewers to 60 minutes
  • New Yorker: A 13-step guide to the Stormy Daniels scandal
  • NYT: Trump can’t stop tweeting, but stays silent on Stormy Daniels
  • WaPo: ‘Turn around, drop ’em’ was memorable, but the Stormy Daniels story is really about intimidation
  • Vox: Stormy Daniels makes Trump sound a lot like Harvey Weinstein
  • WaPo: Stormy Daniels asks court to order deposition of Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen
  • NYT: After Stormy Daniels, face a referendum on Trump’s conduct
  • NPR: Trump’s Alleged Affairs And GOP Voters
  • The Hill: Dems to Party – Go on offense on Trump’s alleged affairs

Other Legal Stuff:

  • NYT: Trump talks of bringing back Rob Porter, aide accused of domestic abuse
  • NYT: Lawsuit Over Trump’s Ties to His Businesses Is Allowed to Advance


  • Vox: The citizenship question on the 2020 census, explained
  • NYT: Despite concerns, Census will ask respondents if they are U.S. citizens
  • WaPo: Decision to add census question draws protest
  • WSJ: Trump administration adds question about citizenship to census
  • Mother Jones – Hidden Figures – How Trump is rigging the Census
  • GQ: How Trump is using the Census to create a fake America
  • The Atlantic: A Weaponized Census
  • NYT: At least 12 states sue over Trump’s census question
  • WaPo: Trump’s Census action ignites legal, political battles
  • Daily Herald: At Q&A in Provo, Mitt Romney says he’s more conservative than Trump on immigration
  • NY Magazine: Yes, Romney the Presidential Candidate Was Right Wing on Immigration
  • Vox: Mitt Romney: “DACA kids shouldn’t all be allowed to stay in the country legally
  • Slate: The Real Romney

Jennifer Palmieri:

  • Time: Inside the last days of the Hillary Clinton campaign
  • NYT: Trust Your Own Heart, Write Your Own Story and Fight On
  • CBS: Jennifer Palmieri embraces a female future in new book “Dear Madam President”
  • WaPo: The blessing inside my sister’s Alzheimer’s disease
  • WaPo: Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides

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