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January 15, 2024
What A Day
Caucusing Up A Storm

In This Episode

  • The Iowa caucuses are here. Former President Donald Trump is in the lead, according to the most recent Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa poll. He has the backing of 48 percent of likely Republican caucus-goers. Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley is in second place with 20 percent, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in third place at 16 percent.
  • Meanwhile, it is bitterly, bitterly cold in Iowa with a wind chill warning in place until after the caucus on Tuesday. And it’s not just Iowa – an arctic cold outbreak is set to bring record-setting, too-cold-for-comfort temperatures all over. Daily records for this time of year could be broken from coast to coast.
  • And in headlines: Sunday marked 100 days since the Israel-Hamas war began, John Kerry will step down as the U.S. special climate envoy, and the Supreme Court agreed to take on cases that will impact people experiencing homelessness and workers’ rights to unionize.


Show Notes:



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Tre’vell Anderson: It’s Monday, January 15th, I’m Tre’vell Anderson. 


Josie Duffy Rice: And I’m Josie Duffy Rice and this is What a Day, the pod that’s happy to commemorate MLK day with you. 


Tre’vell Anderson: As for how not to commemorate MLK’s legacy, don’t be like actor Jonathan Majors, okay? Invoking the civil rights legend and wife while fending off assault and harassment charges. Let them people rest in peace, Coretta Scott King is somewhere like how I get it in it? 


Josie Duffy Rice: Why am I involved? [music break]


Tre’vell Anderson: On today’s show, nearly the whole country is gripped with dangerously cold weather. Plus, what we think tonight’s Emmy ceremony should do to have a bit more fun. 


Josie Duffy Rice: But first, today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Or maybe the end of our lives. It is the Iowa caucus. [laughter] The first act in the circus that is the presidential election season. And the winner is honestly anyone’s guess. Actually, that’s a joke. We pretty much know who will come out on top this Republican primary. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mm hmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: The question at this point is who will come in a far, far, far second? 


Tre’vell Anderson: Yes, there definitely are a few unknowns about today’s caucus, but the winner definitely is not one of them. So first, just tell us, rip the band aid off, how significant is Trump’s lead at this point? 


Josie Duffy Rice: It is significant. It is a serious lead. He is far and away in first place. The final Iowa poll by the Des Moines Register, NBC, and Mediacom has him at about 48%, which is more than double the support of the second place candidate, Nikki Haley, who is polling at 20%. And Trump’s poll numbers are three times that of Ron DeSantis, the robot we all love to hate, who is polling at a meager 16%. It turns out you kind of have to have like a personality to run for president. You got to be able to charm people. You got to be a little flirty. You got to tell a joke. But the only thing Ron DeSantis flirts with is fascism. So–


Tre’vell Anderson: Ooh my lord. 


Josie Duffy Rice: –not looking good for him. [laughter] Now Tre’vell, if you like me have not had enough of DeSantis failing at the polls. If your like schadenfreude isn’t totally satisfied. Get ready for my personal favorite piece of Iowa Caucus related news thus far. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Okay. 


Josie Duffy Rice: So this past weekend, a prankster in Iowa who CNN says is from the comedy duo The Good Liars. I’m not familiar, but I’m into them now. He presented Ron DeSantis with his very own participation trophy, and the governor did not take it very well. So take a listen. 


[clip of unknown speaker] –]?] gonna stop us. 


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] Now real quick before we get started. Thank you everyone. Governor DeSantis, I want to present to you this participation trophy. 


[clip of Ron DeSantis] Oh Jesus. [?]


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] Now probably not going to win the election, right? 


[clip of Ron DeSantis] Right, I don’t–


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] But we’re proud of you for trying. 


[clip of Ron DeSantis] I don’t get participation trophies. 


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] There you go. I know I mean. 


[clip of Ron DeSantis] Sorry buddy. Sorry.


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] He’s special, he’s unique. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Aw. 


[clip of comedian from the Good Liars] And he’s our little snowflake. 


Josie Duffy Rice: He’s our little snowflake. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Aw. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Ugh. 


Tre’vell Anderson: He doesn’t have a sense of humor. 


Josie Duffy Rice: He has no sense of humor. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Because we all know that there’s no way. 


Josie Duffy Rice: There’s no way. 


Tre’vell Anderson: That he is going to win.


Josie Duffy Rice: Now, let me just say I said that about Trump, and I should probably knock on wood. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Well. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I don’t see it for Ron DeSantis. I gotta say, I do not see it for that man. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Let’s just look at the numbers. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Let’s look at the numbers. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Ugh, yeah. So Trump seems to have this in the bag for sure, but it does feel kind of notable that less than half of Republicans are planning to vote for him. You said 48%. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. I mean, like, he definitely is the clear frontrunner. So it would be, as we were just saying, it would be shocking if he didn’t win. But like you just said, 48% doesn’t really indicate that Republicans universally adore him or even mostly adore him. If he’s the nominee of course, many of that other 52% would still vote for him. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mm hmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: But still less than half. It’s kind of an indication that there’s more variation in the party than I think a lot of people suspect. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Yeah, and we mentioned earlier that there are some unpredictable elements of today’s caucuses. Can you tell us about those?


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. So the main unpredictable element is the weather, which I know you’re going to talk about more in just a minute, but it is bitterly, bitterly, bitterly cold in Iowa with a wind chill warning in place. Forecasts say the wind chill could mean temperatures could drop to -45 degrees. There was also a blizzard in Iowa this past weekend, which means there’s a ton of snow. So there’s a ton of snow. There’s a ton of wind. It is very cold. It’s the coldest caucus weather in almost 50 years. It’s not the greatest conditions. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Right. And so what are we thinking that will mean for the candidates and for the caucuses? 


Josie Duffy Rice: Well, it’s already affected some of the candidates ability to actually campaign. So Trump had to cancel a few appearances on Saturday. Other candidates had their plans impeded. And caucus turnout will almost certainly be lower than it has been in the past. I mean, that seems like a pretty sure bet, given the weather and that Trump is in such a clear lead. But it is unclear which candidate will benefit from lower turnout. Like Trump’s people are the most passionate, so they might be the most likely to show up, but they also might be more likely to stay home because his lead is so significant. So why would you trudge through the snow and wind to vote for the guy who’s going to win anyway? But as for now, all the candidates are just like begging people to show up. And Trump even said this yesterday at a campaign event in Iowa. The most Trump thing ever. 


[clip of Donald Trump] You can’t sit home. If you’re sick as a dog you say, darling, I’ve got a [?]. Even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it. 


Tre’vell Anderson: My God today, what is happening? [laugh] What? What? Even if you die, it is okay because you voted. Wow. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I want to be clear that I don’t think people should die after voting for Donald Trump in a snowstorm. However, I just think that that is a risk that you are taking, and I want you to really process that risk, you know. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I want you to really process it. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Just think long and hard about it before you make any decisions. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Just think long and hard about it. 


Tre’vell Anderson: You know. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I hope you live. I hope this is an epiphany moment for you. 


Tre’vell Anderson: [laugh] We can only hope. Thank you so much for that preview, Josie. And you just mentioned how cold it will be today in Iowa. But as many of us know, it has been cold all over the country. It’s been so cold, y’all my granny would definitely say that we must be living in the last days right before the rapture. And according to national weather forecasts, it’s gonna feel like that for at least another week. So let’s talk about how the country is trying to stay warm. An Arctic cold outbreak is set to bring record setting too cold for comfort temperatures all over. Daily records for this time of year could be broken everywhere from Oregon on the west to the Gulf Coast, everywhere in between. And over the weekend just to give you an idea of what’s happening out there Josie, in Dickinson, North Dakota, it felt like -66 degrees on Saturday. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I am upset by all this, and I’m also upset because I have to go to Chicago this week and– 


Tre’vell Anderson: Oh. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I feel like I could not have picked a worse time. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Oh, yes. I got something for you coming up. [laughing]


Josie Duffy Rice: Okay, give me the details about every place, but also about my impending death. [laughter] Tell me everything. 


Tre’vell Anderson: So the best I can say for all folks involved is to bundle up. All right. In the south, in Atlanta, Georgia, Florida area, it’s giving temperatures in the teens. Some places will even be single digit cold. But the folks in the northern Plains areas, they’re going to have it a bit worse. It’ll be cold enough for them to get frostbite in as little as ten minutes. That is how frigid it will be. And we’re already beginning to see how these extreme temperatures can lead to tragedy, right? Someone died while snow blowing their driveway near Milwaukee. In Idaho late last week an avalanche killed a man who was skiing in the remote wilderness. The Air Force had to come in and assist with search and rescue efforts. And I’m sure we all remember, even before now, the wild moment in time that was the winter of February 2021, when Texas’s electricity grid failed, leading to more than 240 deaths. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Mmm. Yeah. That was an enormous failure on the state’s part. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Absolutely. And they’re in Texas. They’re expecting Tuesday and Wednesday to be the biggest challenge for them. But Governor Abbott says that the state’s generators have quote, “never been as prepared for a winter event as they are today.” And so that’s definitely going to get tested. 


Josie Duffy Rice: They’ve literally never been prepared for a winter event. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Well yeah. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Like [laughter] I mean, if you’ve never been prepared I don’t know if that makes me feel that much better. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Well. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Anyway, continue. 


Tre’vell Anderson: It’s also Governor Abbott, so. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Mm hmm.


Tre’vell Anderson: Not sure you can ever feel particularly safe or secure under his watch. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Correct. 


Tre’vell Anderson: But you mentioned that you’re traveling this week, so I want to make sure to note that all of y’all who will be going to the airport, just go ahead and take a chill pill now, okay? The temperatures likely will affect your travel plans. The cold has already canceled more than 2000 flights, and more than 7000 have experienced delays. So I want y’all to just, you know, be calm Josie. When you go to the airport, make sure you woosah before you get there. If everyone else, if you have to leave the house, make sure you’re bundled up as much as possible. Little to no skin exposed, especially because frostbite and hypothermia is real. This is not the time to try to look cute or do your photo shoots in the snow. Okay? You can save that for next week when things hopefully are a little bit more tolerable. But that is the latest for now. [music break] Now let’s get to some headlines. 


[sung] Headlines. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Yesterday marked 100 days since the Israel-Hamas war began. Israel declared war in response to the October 7th attack by Hamas, in which 1200 people were killed and 250 others were taken hostage. And since then, nearly 24,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza. Gaza health officials say most of the people killed were women and children, and over 80% of the population has been displaced as well. And according to the Associated Press, experts say that the Israeli military campaign in Gaza is among the, quote, “deadliest and most destructive in recent history.” And the UN’s humanitarian chief has said, quote, “Gaza has simply become uninhabitable.” The humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to be dire, and there are no signs of the fighting ending any time soon. And concerns of a wider conflict in the region continue, last week the United States and the U.K. launched airstrikes against sites controlled by the Houthi rebels in Yemen in response to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. Meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Washington, DC on Saturday to call for a cease fire and an end to U.S. aid to Israel. The rally was part of a global day of protests that also saw marches across the world, including London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Johannesburg and more. Take a listen to what one of the protesters in D.C., Renee Johnson, told The Washington Post. 


[clip of Renee Johnson] I have been to 26 protests so far, and honestly, I keep going because we need an end to the occupation. It’s been 75 years. We can’t we can’t do it any longer. They can’t take it any longer. 


Josie Duffy Rice: John Kerry will step down from his position as the U.S. special climate envoy, which he’s held for almost three years. Axios first reported the former secretary of state’s plans over the weekend, and revealed that he’ll join Biden’s reelection campaign later this winter. Kerry and Biden worked together in the Senate for decades, so the continued partnership is no surprise. But also, Kerry played some key roles in climate policy as the envoy leading U.S. negotiations at three international climate conferences, including COP28 in Dubai most recently. And even before that role, he worked on negotiations for the famous 2015 Paris Agreement, a pivotal treaty for tackling climate change adopted by 200 nations. He also launched World War Zero, a bipartisan coalition of world leaders and celebrities pushing for public action for the climate crisis. Perhaps most famously, in 2004, Kerry won the Democratic nomination for president before losing to George W. Bush. 


Tre’vell Anderson: And in news out of Taiwan. [clip of Lai Ching-te’s victory speech plays] That is Lai Ching-te, the president elect of Taiwan, in his victory speech over the weekend. His win means a third term in power for the pro sovereignty, Democratic Progressive Party and a bitter response from Beijing, who wanted this party ousted. The Chinese Communist Party views Taiwan as part of its territory, even though they haven’t ruled over the island. In the lead up to the polls, China called Lai a dangerous separatist who’d be a threat to peace in the region. The U.S. has stayed on relatively good terms with Taiwan, but tends to make public stances that they’re not taking sides. That’s why President Biden told reporters in response to the election results, quote, “We do not support independence.” But Secretary of State Antony Blinken congratulated Lai on his victory and the Taiwanese people for, quote, “Demonstrating the strength of their robust democratic system and electoral process.” China was not happy about Tony’s remarks. They called his message a violation of the US One China policy, which vows to only keep unofficial ties with Taiwan and recognize it as part of China. But it wasn’t just Blinken. Lai received messages of congratulations from leaders all over the world. 


Josie Duffy Rice: And now we turn to a tragic story from Texas, where a woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande as they were trying to cross the southern border on Friday. The Mexican government reported the incident as it was happening to US Homeland Security on Friday night. Border patrol agents then notified Texas officials asking to enter the Rio Grande so they could potentially save the migrants. But the Texas National Guard refused to allow them to help and physically blocked them from the river. It’s like evil. Inhumane. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mm hmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: The Texas Military Department claims that its troops didn’t see anyone in need of help the day of the incident, even after Mexican authorities recovered the three bodies on Saturday. Weird excuse because people were telling you that there are people in need of help. This all comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott received heavy backlash for saying that state officials would do everything in their power to stop migrants at the border. He said, quote, “the only thing we are not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border. Because, of course, the Biden administration would charge us with murder.” Yes. If you murder people, you may be charged with murder. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mm hm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: That feels uncontroversial. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Kind of how that works. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. 


Tre’vell Anderson: You know. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Huh yi yi. The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to take up more cases this session, one of which will impact people experiencing homelessness across the country and another that will have huge implications on a worker’s right to unionize. The first case, Mount Pass, Oregon versus Johnson Gloria et al, will decide whether or not homeless people have a constitutional right to camp on public property if no other suitable shelter is available. Justices will look at a decision made by a lower court that deemed it cruel and unusual punishment for city officials to deny homeless people a place to sleep by clearing their camps or arresting them for trespassing. Those officials appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court. The other case that the Supreme Court agreed to take up involves everyone’s least favorite union busting coffee chain, Starbucks. The case surrounds seven Starbucks employees in Tennessee, who were fired in 2022 for supporting their store’s Union Drive. The National Labor Relations Board ruled that the firings violated federal labor law, and it ordered Starbucks to rehire the workers, who are now known as the Memphis Seven. But the coffee chain claims that the firings had nothing to do with the union and wants the decision overturned. Labor advocates are watching to see if the justices will side with workers or corporations on the issue of retaliation. The High Court will hear both cases in the coming months and are expected to issue rulings by June. 


Josie Duffy Rice: And finally, funny electronic messages on highways will be out in 2026. That’s because the US Federal Highway Administration is banning quirky or humorous messages on highway signs, because they can be distracting to drivers? [laughter] I don’t fall for it. That’s according to the Highway Administration’s 1100 page manual that it released last month. So states across the country now have two years to adhere to the rules which require signs to be, quote, “simple, direct, brief, legible and clear, and be used to share important information.” So while it’s not quite time to bid farewell to these funny, sometimes sassy signs, we wanted to take a moment to give them the time and respect they deserve with some of our favorites that we’ve seen posted online. So starting in Ohio, one sign read, quote, “Visiting in-laws? Slow down. Get there late.” 


Tre’vell Anderson: That’s cute. 


Josie Duffy Rice: You know, got to meet people where they’re at. That’s cute. Yeah. [laughter] Over in Mississippi, another sign reminded drivers to stay focused on the road by saying, quote, “four I’s in Mississippi. Two eyes on the road.” 


Tre’vell Anderson: Clever. That’s a smart one. You know?


Josie Duffy Rice: Informative. You learn something. Love that. Another one in Pennsylvania read quote, “don’t drive star spangled hammered.” You know, patriotic? 


Tre’vell Anderson: Sure. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Pun. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Mm hmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: From the Commonwealth. [laughter] And one in Iowa read quote, “does your blinker not work or what?” 


Tre’vell Anderson: That might be my favorite.


Josie Duffy Rice: That might be my favorite, I love it. It’s ridiculous to get rid of these. [laughter] I’m voting for whichever candidate will let us keep these signs. Let us know what you’ve seen in your state on our discord channel, and tell us how you feel about the new rules. We want to hear all the best highway signs. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Listen, back in my day, the signs used to be simple. Click it or ticket. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. 


Tre’vell Anderson: We didn’t have all this other stuff going on. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Your day. 


Josie Duffy Rice: [sigh] And those are the headlines. We will be back after some ads to talk about our expert advice on how to make awards shows better. [laughter]




Josie Duffy Rice: Hey WAD squad, we are going to wrap up by talking about award shows because the Primetime Emmys air tonight. They were supposed to be handed out last September, but the ceremony got delayed because of the Hollywood strikes. HBO’s Succession leads with the most nominations, but we don’t want to talk about who might win. We want to talk about how to make awards shows fun again. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Yes, the last Emmys in 2022 hit a ratings rock bottom with just 5.9 million people tuning in, and the Oscars may have had a slight bump in viewers lately, but overall, it’s lost more people than a DeSantis rally in Des Moines. And we’re not saying that it’s because award shows are boring lately, but you’ve got to admit they’re not fun. Okay, maybe they’re not boring full out, but they’re not fun. They’re not like what they used to be. So, Josie, I want to know what’s a memorable awards show moment from the past that, you know, if it happened again, it might get you tuning in because it was just that fun? 


Josie Duffy Rice: Okay, so number one, let’s just call a spade a spade. The best awards show in terms of performances is the Tonys, period. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Okay. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.


Josie Duffy Rice: That’s just what it is. And not not often I watch the 2013 opening from the Tonys, where Neil Patrick Harris like, it’s amazing. So many things happen in this opening. It’s wild. Magic is involved. There’s like fire and acrobats and a lot of different stuff, and they’re even special guests. So check out this clip. 


[clip from the opening to the 2013 Tonys] In tandem like we planned them. Forgive me if it’s random, but Mike Tyson had a one man show. Let’s give the man a hand and make things bigger. [sound of laughter and applause] [indistinct singing]


Josie Duffy Rice: That’s Mike Tyson coming out at that moment. Randomly. I mean, it was so random. Diana Ross is brought up. A whole bunch of kids jump out. There are jokes about unions. Newsies come out, I mean, it’s incredible. You have to watch it. If you haven’t watched it it’ll make your whole day. What about you Tre’vell? Tell me what your clip is. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Well, I remember that moment. It is a good one. Definitely harkens back to the days of of fun at an awards show. Um, now for my memorable moment that I would like to offer for the people. Um, I’m going to go a little outside of the box. Okay. We’re going back to 2004, and it’s the summer, and Mo’Nique is hosting the BET Awards. And the clip that you are about to hear is one of the legendary members of hip hop group Ying Yang Twins is Ying Yanging in the audience. And Mo’Nique, a fabulous awards show host, handles the situation beautifully. Take a listen. 


[clip of Mo’Nique at the BET Awards 2004] Now I’m a have security come take him out of here in a few minutes America. Don’t worry about it. [makes buzzer sound] I mean what is that? [laughter] We see you sitting here, Ying Yanging. [laughter] Spell it. [laughter]. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Oh. 


[clip of Mo’Nique at the BET Awards 2004] Okay. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I can’t. 


[clip of Mo’Nique at the BET Awards 2004] Yeah. Yeah. I got this player. I got this player. Yes indeed. See how our cousins do at the cookout. See how they do at the cookout. It’s one cousin at the cookout that will upset everybody. It’s like why he had to come? [laughter] I love you, brother. So proud of what you’re doing. Keep doing your thing. You understand me? Keep [sound of Ying Yang Twin] hmm. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Oh my God.


[clip of Mo’Nique at the BET Awards 2004] Y’all take your birth control pills, please. [laughter]


Tre’vell Anderson: Now, Josie. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Oh my God, I’ve never heard that. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Listen, this is an iconic moment in televison.


Josie Duffy Rice: That was incredible. 


Tre’vell Anderson: You have got to go watch it back. She does these performances to Beyonce’s music catalog as well. Surrounded by a whole bunch of other big girls. Like, it’s really good. But the reason why I bring it up here in this conversation is we’ve been having all of this conversation about the awards show host. All right. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Mm hmm. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Jo Koy had issues at the Globes. Anthony Anderson is hosting tonight. I’m sure they will have issues with him. We need to bring back Mo’Nique as the archetype of a type of host, because that is how you handle a crowd. 


Josie Duffy Rice: That was incredible. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Okay. That’s true comedian work. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yeah. 


Tre’vell Anderson: On display. And I just think that is something that we’re missing from a lot of awards shows. It’s losing that energy. 


Josie Duffy Rice: It is. 


Tre’vell Anderson: And that’s why no one’s watching. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I have to say, I do feel like that clip was anti-Atlanta slander. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Well. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yet [laughter] I did love it. [laughter] Despite that, it was incredible. I mean, in 20 seconds I went through like six different emotional registers. Just unbelievable. To end with I’m so proud of you when we all know that she is not is unbelievable. 


Tre’vell Anderson: That’s what’s called nuance, okay. 


Josie Duffy Rice: That is nuance. 


Tre’vell Anderson: That’s what’s called nuance. 


Josie Duffy Rice: That’s incredible. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Anyway, there you have it. Award show producers, we have done your job for you again. Next time we’re going to have to collect your check. Okay. But we’ll let you get away with it for free in this moment. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Mmm. [music break] 




Tre’vell Anderson: That is all for today. If you like the show, make sure you subscribe. Leave a review. Be humble when you commemorate MLK and tell your friends to listen. 


Josie Duffy Rice: And if you’re into reading and not just road signs with better jokes than Jo Koy like me, What a Day is also a nightly newsletter, so check it out and subscribe at I’m Josie Duffy Rice. 


Tre’vell Anderson: I’m Tre’vell Anderson. 


[spoken together] And then the primaries are finally here. 


Tre’vell Anderson: Oh yes. Buckle up buttercup. 


Josie Duffy Rice: Yay. 


Tre’vell Anderson: It’s going to be great. Okay. 


Josie Duffy Rice: But maybe that’s not good news, because how does this end? Who knows? 


Tre’vell Anderson: With smiles on our face. [sigh] [laughing] Just smile through it Josie. 


Josie Duffy Rice: I’m not putting money on that one. [laughter] I’m not putting money on that. [laughter] [music break] What a Day is a production of Crooked Media. It’s recorded and mixed by Bill Lancz. Our show’s producer is Itxy Quintanilla. Raven Yamamoto and Natalie Bettendorf are our associate producers. And our show runner is Leo Duran. Our theme music is by Colin Gilliard and Kashaka.