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October 28, 2021
Pod Save America
"Build Back Meta."

In This Episode

Democrats are on the cusp of passing the most progressive piece of legislation in decades that still leaves out some of the party’s most important priorities, Virginia organizer Tram Nguyen gives a report from the field with just a few days left of an uncomfortably close race, and Dan and Jon break down the closing arguments and strategies from the McAuliffe and Youngkin campaigns.


Show Notes



  • Punchbowl: Uh, are Dems actually close?
  • Politico: Biden closes in on deal with Manchin, Sinema as liberals wince
  • HuffPost’s Igor Bobic tweet
  • Gabe Fleisher tweet
  • NBC: Billionaires tax faces constitutional, political hurdles
  • WSJ: Billionaire Tax Faces Likely Constitutional Challenge
  • CNN’s Daniella Diaz tweet
  • CNN: Manchin pushes back on billionaire tax as Democrats struggle to cut a deal on Biden agenda
  • Politico: Democrats pitch industry-friendly Medicaid workaround to win Manchin’s support
  • Politico’s Burgess Everett tweet
  • Politico: What’s Kyrsten Sinema Up To? It’s Pretty Obvious.
  • The Daily: The Story of Senator Kyrsten Sinema
  • WaPo: Opinion: Elon Musk reveals exactly why we need the Democrats’ new tax on billionaires
  • Marketwatch: Mitt Romney says a billionaire tax will push the rich to buy paintings or ranches instead of stocks
  • BuzzFeed News: Kyrsten Sinema Is Blocking A Tax Hike On Millionaires, So Democrats Are Now Targeting Billionaires
  • Politico: Sinema steers Dems into uncharted territory on taxes
  • Axios: Scoop: Biden plan expected to include at least $500B for climate
  • NYT op-ed: Tax the Rich, Help America’s Children



  • NYT: In Virginia Governor’s Race, Biden Barely Rates a Mention 
  • Fox: Virginia governor’s race remains deadlocked one week until election, new poll shows Politico: ‘This could be the ballgame:’ Biden goes all-in on Virginia
  • ​​CNN: If Democrats win in Virginia, they should thank Donald Trump
  • Washington Post: War of the suburbs: Virginia Democrats, GOP fight over key turf to win control of House of Delegates
  • Washington Post: Glenn Youngkin’s viral ‘child’ ad is missing important context
  • CNN: Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ becomes latest flashpoint in Virginia gubernatorial race)
  • Washington Post: Fight over teaching ‘Beloved’ book in schools becomes hot topic in Virginia governor’s race
  • Washington Post: Opinion: Glenn Youngkin has failed the test of character
  • Washington Post: Will abortion decide the Virginia governor’s race? McAuliffe says yes; Youngkin, not so much.
  • Bloomberg – Trump Dangles Virginia Visit Ahead of Next Week’s Governor Election



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