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January 27, 2020
Pod Save America
“Bolton’s bombshell.”

In This Episode

John Bolton’s explosive new book upends Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Adam Schiff joins to talk about what happens next, and Bernie Sanders extends his lead in Iowa as other candidates raise electability questions. Then Ezra Klein talks to Dan about his new book, “Why We’re Polarized.”

Show notes


  • The Guardian: What comes next at Trump’s impeachment trial?
  • Reuters: Trump impeachment: What happens next?
  • WaPo: Trump’s lawyers begin their defense in impeachment trial as Republicans rally around the president
  • NYT: Trump Team, Opening Defense, Accuses Democrats of Plot to Subvert Election 
  • Politico: What we learned at the Trump trial Saturday
  • Politico: Democrats see Trump lawyers boosting their own case for witnesses
  • LA Times: Trump attorneys blast impeachment, but defense arguments prompt new calls for witnesses
  • NYT: Trump Team, Opening Defense, Accuses Democrats of Plot to Subvert Election 
  • Politico: Senate Republicans push back on calls for more impeachment witnesses
  • Politico: Schiff: Trump lawyers ‘deathly afraid’ of impeachment witnesses
  • The Hill: Romney: ‘It’s very likely I’ll be in favor of witnesses’ in Trump impeachment trial 
  • Politico: Sen. Hawley readies subpoena votes for Bidens, Schiff 
  • AP: GOP shows little desire for witnesses ahead of critical vote
  • NYT: Lamar Alexander, Set to Leave Office, Is G.O.P. Wild Card on Witnesses
  • CNN: Senate GOP uses Trump’s executive privilege threat as rallying cry against subpoenas
  • Politico: Senate Republicans eye quick Trump acquittal after witness vote
  • WaPo: Trump wants a Democrat to vote for acquittal in impeachment trial. The White House eyes Joe Manchin
  • Vox: Mitch McConnell’s impeachment trial strategy, explained 
  • The Atlantic: Republicans Are Making a Kafkaesque Argument 
  • ABC News: Democrat Schiff’s ‘head on a pike’ comment draws outrage from GOP senators
  • AP: GOP senators upset by Schiff remark, Dems claim ‘diversion’ 
  • NYT: Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says 
  • NBC News: Republicans say they have no concerns about Trump-Parnas tape
  • The Hill: GOP senator defends Trump amid Parnas recording: ‘Certainly the president meets a lot of people’
  • HuffPo: There Are More Recordings Of Donald Trump And Lev Parnas, Attorney Reveals 
  • AP: In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians
  • NYT: Tape Made Public of Trump Discussing Ukraine With Donors
  • NBC News: Trump appears on audio to demand Yovanovitch’s ouster without knowing her name
  • Vox: GOP senator shrugs off new evidence of Trump misconduct, contradicting his stance from hours earlier
  • ABC News: ‘Take her out’: Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired 

Pompeo NPR Interview

  • Mother Jones: Trump Threatens to Cut NPR’s Funding After Pompeo Meltdown 
  • NBC News: ‘Insulting and contemptuous’: Democratic senators blast Pompeo for attack on reporter
  • NPR: NPR CEO Defends Journalist After Pompeo Lashes Out Over Ukraine Interview 
  • WaPo: Pompeo accuses NPR reporter of lying, calls news media ‘unhinged’ 
  • NYT: Pompeo Denounces News Media, Undermining U.S. Message on Press Freedom 
  • NPR: Encore: NPR’s Full Interview With Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo
  • NPR: Pompeo Won’t Say Whether He Owes Yovanovitch An Apology. ‘I’ve Done What’s Right’ 
  • NPR: Transcript: NPR’s Full Interview With Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo 

Trump Dismisses TBI as Headaches

  • CNN: Veterans group demands apology after Trump said traumatic brain injuries from Iranian attack are ‘not very serious’
  • Politico: 34 troops diagnosed with brain injuries days after Trump dismissed them as ‘headaches’
  • NBC News: 34 U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injuries after Iran attack
  • NYT: Trump Dismisses Troops’ Possible Brain Injuries as ‘Headaches’
  • Foreign Policy: More U.S. Troops Treated for Concussion Symptoms as Trump Downplays ‘Headaches’


  • NYT: Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds
  • CBS: CBS News Battleground Tracker: In Iowa, it’s Sanders, Biden and a wild finish ahead 
  • NBC News : Poll: Sanders, Buttigieg top Democratic field in New Hampshire
  • USA Today: Poll: A week before the caucuses, Joe Biden leads an Iowa race that remains unsettled
  • WaPo: Biden and Sanders are breaking away from the pack of candidates among Democrats nationwide, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds
  • CNN: Bernie Sanders is the Iowa favorite one week before the caucuses 
  • Politico: Polling roundup: Sanders challenges Biden’s frontrunner status
  • NY Mag: Polls Show Bernie Sanders Surging at Just the Right Time
  • NYT: T Minus 8 Days: A Frenetic Weekend on the Trail in Iowa
  • Politico: Is FOBO Paralyzing the Democratic Primary?
  • WaPo: The Trailer: In the Democratic primary, the gloves are on
  • NYT: ‘Good Not to Be In Washington’: Senators Return to Iowa for Burst of Campaigning
  • WSJ: On Day Off From Impeachment Trial, Senators Campaign Frantically in Iowa
  • WaPo: In Iowa, a long and bruising hunt for a candidate to love
  • Politico: Celebrities, politicians, and ice cream moguls: Stand-ins flood 2020 campaign trail
  • WaPo: The Trailer: Rivals aren’t throwing a lot of roadblocks in front of Sanders
  • Vox: Bernie Sanders’s path to the 2020 Democratic nomination, explained 
  • The Intercept:  With a week until Iowa, Bernie Sanders campaign tells volunteers to back off phone calls
  • Reuters: Bernie Sanders, stuck in Trump’s trial, leans on star power of ‘AOC’
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders criticized for embracing support from Joe Rogan 
  • WaPo: Sanders supporters have weaponized Facebook to spread angry memes about his Democratic rivals
  • AP: Biden’s ‘Consensus’ Pitch Faces Biggest Test in Iowa
  • CNN: Biden picks up endorsement from key Iowa swing district congresswoman
  • Sioux City Journal: Our Opinion: Biden represents best choice in Iowa caucuses 
  • New Republic: Joe Biden’s Confounding Candidacy
  • Politico: Biden leaves voters and reporters hanging during swing through N.H.
  • Politico: New York power set comes off the sidelines to back Biden
  • NYT: Kamala Harris Is Said to Be Weighing an Endorsement of Joe Biden 
  • SF Gate: Kamala Harris responds to report she’s considering endorsing Joe Biden: ‘I am not thinking about it’
  • FiveThirtyEight: How Much Will The Des Moines Register’s Endorsement Help Warren In Iowa?
  • Politico: Warren camp warns of ‘breathless media narratives’ out of Iowa 
  • WaPo: Democratic candidates try to lessen expectations before Iowa caucuses 
  • NYT: How a Big Sunday in Iowa Unfolded as the Caucuses Approach
  • CNN: Buttigieg to focus on converting Trump voters for final week in Iowa
  • CBS: Buttigieg warns that Sanders could alienate GOP and independent voters 
  • AP: Who can topple Trump? Dems’ electability fight rages in Iowa 
  • Fox News:  Fox News hosting Pete Buttigieg’s town hall, Chris Wallace moderating 
  • Fox: Buttigieg responds to Bolton revelation at Fox News Town Hall, with days until pivotal Iowa voting
  • Union Leader: Union Leader primary endorsement: Amy Klobuchar can win
  • WaPo: For Amy Klobuchar, the impeachment trial means bombarding Iowa voters from distant D.C.
  • Axios: Amy Klobuchar: Bernie Sanders shouldn’t “be leading the ticket”
  • BuzzFeed: Iowa Moderates Think Amy Klobuchar Can Survive Being Away For Trump’s Impeachment Trial
  • Star Tribune: Can Sen. Amy Klobuchar rally black Democrats?
  • New Republic: The Elite Media’s Amy Klobuchar Blind Spot 
  • AP: Can Klobuchar build a late surge from a long distance?
  • Quad City Times: Editorial: Klobuchar is the one
  • HuffPo: Iowa Newspaper Endorses Amy Klobuchar After Backing Bernie Sanders In 2016
  • Politico: Yang qualifies for New Hampshire primary debate
  • The Atlantic: Obama’s 2016 Warning: Trump Is a ‘Fascist’
  • NYT: 5 Things We Learned Interviewing 2020 Democrats (Again)