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Bill Taylor’s got the Ukraine receipts

Tommy and Ben talk about the latest on impeachment and about Turkey’s invasion of Syria. Then they run through a whirlwind week of news that included Brexit updates, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s narrow election victory, and Israel’s ongoing government formation process. They also discuss the treatment of US diplomats in China, Facebook’s handling of disinformation campaigns, protest movements in Haiti and Lebanon, and some great reporting about the war in Afghanistan. And in this week’s interview, National Security Advisor Susan Rice joins the pod to talk about Trump and Syria, General Mattis, Benghazi, and leading Bill Clinton’s Africa policy.

Show Notes:

  • WaPo: “Opening statement of Ambassador William B. Taylor”
  • NYT: “ISIS Reaps Gains of U.S. Pullout From Syria”
  • NYT: “‘There Is No Hope’: Crisis Pushes Haiti to Brink of Collapse”
  • Revolutions Podcast
  • The New Yorker: “The Shattered Afghan Dream of Peace”

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