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March 12, 2024
Pod Save America
Biden’s in His Jacked-Up Joe Era

In This Episode

  • CBS: Biden’s new ad takes on his age: “I’m not a young guy”
  • Axios: Biden’s “red line” on Gaza: “Can’t have another 30,000 Palestinians dead”
  • CNN: Rift between Biden and Netanyahu widens as Israeli leader vows to press on with Rafah operation
  • The Hill: Biden unveils sweeping budget blueprint for next term
  • Vox: Biden’s vs. Trump’s economy, in 8 charts
  • MSNBC: The Biden 2024 campaign is aiming to be anything but ‘sleepy’
  • Newsweek: Joe Biden Suddenly Leads Donald Trump in Multiple Polls


  • BBC: Biden and Trump rally in Georgia as 2024 rematch looms
  • NYT: Trump Vilifies Migrants and Mocks Biden’s Stutter in Georgia Speech
  • NPR: Biden and Trump trade barbs at rival rallies in Georgia
  • NBCNEWS: Trump floats ‘cutting’ retirement spending, drawing quick pushback from Biden
  • NBCNEWS: Trump to get intelligence briefings despite classified documents criminal trial


  • Statement from the victim, Karla Jacinto, to CNN
  • WaPo: Katie Britt’s false linkage of a sex-trafficking case to Joe Biden
  • WaPo: Britt defends use of graphic sex-trafficking story from 20 years ago to attack Biden
  • Full Story: CNN: Sex trafficking victim says Sen. Katie Britt telling her story during SOTU rebuttal is ‘not fair’


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