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June 25, 2020
Pod Save America
“Biden up, Trump down, Covid rising.” (with Alyssa Mastromonaco!)

In This Episode

Alyssa Mastromonaco joins as a guest host to talk about the Covid resurgence, what Tuesday’s progressive primary victories mean for the Democratic Party, and Joe Biden’s commanding lead over Donald Trump in the battleground states. Then Jamaal Bowman talks to Tommy about his upset victory in the primary for New York’s 16th Congressional district.

Show notes


  • Johns Hopkins: New Cases of COVID-19 In World Countries- Hace countries flattened the curve?
  • NYT: The U.S. just recorded its third-highest total of new cases, as hospitalizations rise in some states.
  • WaPo: Live updates: N.Y., N.J. and Conn. order quarantine for travelers from Florida, other states hit hard by coronavirus
  • BBC: Coronavirus: EU considers barring Americans from travel list 
  • WaPo: Seven states report highest coronavirus hospitalizations since pandemic began
  • CNBC: U.S. 7-day average of coronavirus cases surges 30% from week ago
  • The Hill: US COVID-19 cases rise, marking ugly contrast with Europe
  • Houston Chronicle: Abbott: Texas facing ‘massive’ COVID-19 outbreak, 5,000+ new cases for 2nd straight day
  • The Guardian: Texas Covid-19 cases hit all-time daily high as Houston hospitals near capacity
  • Austin Statesman: #AbbottResign trends on Twitter over Texas coronavirus response
  • CNN: Black Lives Matter protests have not led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says
  • WaPo: State and city leaders in U.S. respond to coronavirus surge with new rules, dire warnings
  • WaPo: In the nation’s biggest states, a spike in coronavirus comes with the economic reopening
  • NYT: Coronavirus Cases Spike Across Sun Belt as Economy Lurches into Motion
  • Vox: The new coronavirus spikes, explained
  • Vox: “Totally predictable”: State reopenings have backfired
  • USA Today: Why are states seeing a sudden increase in coronavirus cases? Experts have more than one answer
  • NPR: Trump Returns To Campaign Trail With A Familiar Message In A Changing World
  • Politico: ‘I don’t kid’: Trump says he wasn’t joking about slowing coronavirus testing
  • CNN: Trump now says he wasn’t kidding when he told officials to slow down coronavirus testing, contradicting staff
  • Politico: White House delivers mixed explanations on Trump’s vow to slow down testing
  • ABC News: White House claims Trump just joking when he said he ordered COVID testing slowdown
  • Politico: Trump administration ending support for drive-thru testing sites
  • The Hill: Trump administration ending support for 7 Texas testing sites as coronavirus cases spike
  • CNBC: Coronavirus: Federal government will end funding for 13 community-based Covid-19 test sites, most in Texas
  • NBC News: Top Democrats say Trump is sitting on $14B for coronavirus testing, contact tracing
  • WaPo: Democratic senators say Trump administration has been slow to use coronavirus testing funds
  • FiveThirtyEight: How Americans View The Coronavirus Crisis And Trump’s
  • NYT: When Voters Discuss Coronavirus, They’re Really Talking About Trump
  • CNN: Democrats look to weaponize Trump’s ‘slow the testing down’ comment
  • Joe Biden tweet
  • The Hill: Biden campaign rips ‘outrageous’ Trump comments on coronavirus testing


  • NYT: Live Primary Election Results: Races in Kentucky, New York and Virginia
  • Politico: Top takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries: The left, the right, the wait
  • NYT: Virginia Democrats Pick Cameron Webb for a Seat They Think They Can Win Back
  • The Hill: Progressives riding high as votes tabulated in NY, Kentucky
  • Politico: Primary voters in New York and Kentucky turn out despite pandemic
  • Vox: 15 primary races to watch in New York
  • NYT: Will the Pandemic Slow New York’s Progressive Momentum?
  • Bouie tweet
  • Dave Wasserman tweet
  • Al Jazeera: Progressive Democrats push for changes to US Israel policies
  • NYT: Insurgent Wave Upends House Primaries in N.Y. as Engel Falls Behind
  • WaPo: Candidates in N.Y., Ky., seize momentum of racial justice protests in bids for Democratic primary wins
  • WaPo: Progressive candidates of color are leading the Democratic party 
  • Salon: Progressives may have scored big wins in Tuesday’s New York, Kentucky primaries
  • MSNBC: President loses a talking point as Trump-backed Republicans lose
  • WaPo: A 24-year-old novice beat a Trump-endorsed candidate in primary race for Mark Meadows’s seat in Congress
  • NYT: Madison Cawthorn, 24, Upsets Trump-Endorsed Favorite in North Carolina
  • WaPo: Trump brags about getting Republicans elected. Research suggests his endorsements cost 15 seats.
  • WSJ: Trump-Backed Candidate Loses Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
  • NPR: Scorecard: Trump Declares ‘Great Victory,’ But So Far 36 Of His Candidates Lost


  • NYT: Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Marquette poll: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 49% to 41% in Wisconsin
  • Politico: Polls show Biden climbing past Trump in Wisconsin, Ohio
  • Reuters: Approval of Trump’s coronavirus response sinks to lowest on record amid surge in cases: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • Vox: Trump’s reelection polling is looking really bad
  • CNN: GOP aghast as Trump’s polls sink amid divisive racial rhetoric: ‘It’s been a bad couple weeks’
  • Bloomberg: Biden Opens Up Largest Polling Lead of the Year Over Trump
  • NY Mag: Trump Is Now the 2020 Underdog
  • The Atlantic: Trump Is Struggling to Run Against a White Guy
  • WaPo: Warning signs keep mounting for Trump, from polls to primaries
  • WaPo: Trump’s failing grades on coronavirus, Black Lives Matter protests continue to decline
  • WaPo– Poll: Black Americans outraged by George Floyd’s death, but optimistic about change after nationwide protests
  • NYT: How Joe Biden Is Catching Up to the Trump Money ‘Juggernaut’
  • NYT: Obama Urges Democrats: ‘Whatever You’ve Done So Far Is Not Enough’
  • WaPo: Obama implores Americans to feel ‘a sense of urgency’ about defeating Trump
  • NBC: ‘Shambolic,’ ‘mean spirited’: Obama, in first 2020 event with Biden, rips Trump
  • Axios: Obama at Biden fundraiser: “I am here to say help is on the way”
  • FiveThirtyEight: The Debate Over Biden’s VP Pick Is Full Of Half-Truths And Misleading Arguments
  • CNN: Trying to predict Biden’s veep? The conventional wisdom is usually wrong
  • WaPo: Rep. Karen Bass is being vetted as part of Joe Biden’s vice presidential search
  • NYT: Democratic Convention Moves to Smaller Venue, as Delegates Are Urged to Stay Away
  • WaPo: Delegates told to stay home for Joe Biden’s nominating convention in Milwaukee