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January 06, 2022
Pod Save America
“Biden takes on the Big Lie.”

In This Episode

President Biden marks the anniversary of the January 6th attack with a pointed speech about the Big Lie, Donald Trump decides to shut up and cancel his press conference, Congress debates voting rights and the Electoral Count Act, and Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman joins to talk about how redistricting is going much better for Democrats than expected.


Show Notes



  • CNN: Trump cancels press conference on January 6 anniversary at urging of advisers
  • NPR: Why The Big Lie is proving so hard to dispel?
  • NYT: How Trump Kept His Grip After Jan. 6
  • WaPo: Polling on Jan. 6 shows the vast majority of Americans aren’t crazy
  • Politico: They stormed the Capitol. Now they’re running for office.
  • Washingtonian: The January Sixers Have Their Own Unit at the DC Jail. Here’s What Life Is Like Inside
  • NYT: House Panel Asks Sean Hannity of Fox News to Cooperate in Jan. 6 Inquiry
  • Politico: Gallego: Garland ‘extremely weak’ on Jan. 6 cases
  • CNN: Merrick Garland: ‘The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last’

Excerpt from Garland’s speech today

WaPo: Democratic group launches six-figure ad buy tying Trump and GOP allies to Jan. 6 insurrection

WaPo: Biden White House concludes Jan. 6 preparations hurt by lack of high-level intelligence-sharing



  • Playbook PM: McConnell makes his first move in election-reform debate
  • Punchbowl: Democrats’ lost month 
  • Playbook: Republicans dodge and deflect ahead of Jan. 6
  • NBC News: McConnell calls Senate Democrats ‘distasteful’ for tying Jan. 6 to voting rights push
  • Politico: McConnell cracks door to Electoral Count Act reform 
  • The Hill: Briefing in brief: Biden will say more on voting rights after Jan. 6 
  • CNN: This 150 year old act may be the key to who is president in 2024 
  • WaPo op-ed: How to get real accountability for Jan. 6 
  • Playbook: The election reform idea gaining currency on the right
  • Axios: Exclusive poll: Americans fear a Jan. 6 repeat 
  • Daily Beast: Sen. Joe Manchin cracks open door to changing filibuster rules in order to pass voting rights 
  • WaPo: Fixing the Electoral Count Act is no substitute for voting reform 
  • WSJ Editorial Board: Overturning the Next Election 
  • WaPo op-ed: How Congress can fix the Electoral Count Act
  • The Dispatch: Stop Screwing Around and Reform the Electoral Count Act 
  • The Atlantic: Democrats, Voting Rights Are Not the Problem 
  • CNN: Why Democrats haven’t given up on Joe Manchin and voting rights 
  • Cato: Republicans Should Support Electoral Count Act Reform 



  • Cook Political Report: 2022 House Overview: Still a GOP Advantage, but Redistricting Looks Like a Wash
  • WaPo: ​​Democrats dodged a gerrymandering fiasco. A top analyst explains why.
  • NYT: How the Suburbs Have Changed Gerrymandering


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