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July 10, 2023
Pod Save America
Biden Shifts Into Thigh Gear

In This Episode

Republicans set a date for the Iowa caucuses and the sprint to January begins. Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie try out different lines of attack on Donald Trump. President Biden takes on his two biggest political challenges: the economy and his age. And later, Delaware congressional candidate Sarah McBride chats with Lovett about her campaign and her chance to make history as the first openly transgender member of Congress.


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Show Notes



  • NYT: Iowa Republicans Set the Date for the Party’s Caucuses — and It’s Early
  • AP: Trump blasts DeSantis in Iowa, says GOP rival ‘despises’ the state’s ethanol
  • The Independent: Trump leaves Iowa Republicans with big bill after no-show at charity event
  • ABC: As Republican 2024 primary ramps up, experts say Iowa has ‘never been more important’
  • The Independent: Trump and DeSantis begin eyeing Super Tuesday states as they prepare for 2024 long game
  • CNN: Why Trump’s Republican rivals should focus on New Hampshire, not Iowa
  • Politico: Why the Stop Trump effort all comes down to South Carolina 
  • Bleeding Heartland: Iowa mailer “thanks” Donald Trump for pro-LGBTQ stances
  • Politico: Conservative group plans anti-Trump ad blitz in early states
  • The Hill – Florida poll finds Trump well ahead of DeSantis in state 
  • WaPo: The problem with the ‘it’s still early’ line from non-Trump Republicans 
  • NYT: Trump and DeSantis Are Battling for Iowa Voters. And for Its Governor, Too.
  • WaPo: Ron DeSantis campaign raises $20 million in first six weeks 
  • NYT: DeSantis Boasts $20 Million Haul, but Full Picture of Money Race Is Still Hazy
  • Guardian: Casey DeSantis ‘mamas’ video labeled ‘desperate effort’ to save husband’s campaign
  • DesMoines Register: ‘That’s when the claws come out’: Casey DeSantis solos in Iowa to launch ‘Mamas for DeSantis’ 
  • NYT: DeSantis Unleashes His Humanizer-in-Chief: His Wife
  • CNN: Casey DeSantis charms Iowa Republicans at first solo campaign trail event 
  • NBC News: Ron DeSantis says he’ll debate with or without Trump: ‘I’ll be there’
  • Daily Beast: The Republican Party’s Debate Rules Make It Impossible for Trump to Lose
  • Politico: We Investigated the Deepest, Darkest Corners of the Internet to Understand Ron DeSantis’ Bizarre New Video 
  • WaPo: DeSantis targets a significant primary demographic: Insecure men
  • CNBC: Chris Christie doubles down on Trump attacks and Social Security cuts 
  • The Atlantic: Ron DeSantis’s Only Hope Is to Beat Trump From the Hard Right 
  • NYT: Nikki Haley Makes Her Pitch in New Hampshire. It’s Unclear Whether Voters Will Swing. 
  • NBC News: GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum says he wouldn’t do business with Trump 



  • NYT: In South Carolina, Biden Says His Agenda Has Helped Voters in Both Parties
  • Politico: Biden says he’s heading to MTG’s backyard for a groundbreaking
  • The Wrap: Biden Says With His Age Comes Wisdom That Will Help Him Lead Second Term: ‘I Just Want to Finish the Job’ 
  • WaPo: On his age, Biden now trying to show he’s in on the joke
  • New York Post: Joe Biden soaks up with the sun with First Lady Jill Biden near Delaware home after rough work week
  • Axios: Old yeller: Biden’s private fury
  • Politico: The testosterone primary of 2024 is ‘getting out of hand’