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April 08, 2021
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“Are we infrastructure?”

In This Episode

The debate over Joe Biden’s jobs plan devolves into a fight over the definition of the word infrastructure, Republicans threaten their corporate donors and their grassroots donors, Matt Gaetz raises money off of his scandal, and transgender activist Raquel Willis joins Jon and Dan to talk about the horrific wave of anti-trans legislation sweeping the country.


Show Notes


Infrastructure – If Everything is Infrastructure is anything Infrastructure?

  • NYT: Biden to Renew Infrastructure Pitch After Unveiling Plan to Raise Corporate Taxes 
  • Punchbowl:  The House Democrats to watch on infrastructure 
  • WSJ: Biden Softens Tax Plan Aimed at Profitable Companies That Pay Little 
  • WaPo op-ed: Joe Manchin: I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster 
  • Axios: Manchin’s next power play 
  • Business Insider: 2 Democratic Senators are already saying Biden’s infrastructure plan probably needs to change 
  • Politico: 2 Dem senators balk at Biden’s new spending plan 
  • CNN: Manchin warns Biden’s infrastructure bill is in trouble over corporate tax hikes 
  • Intelligencer: Republicans Love Infrastructure, Unless It’s Paid For, or Not Paid For
  • WaPo: Fact Check: The GOP claim that only 5 to 7 percent of Biden’s plan is for ‘real infrastructure’
  • WSJ Op-Ed: Partisanship Is Biden’s Way to the Highway 
  • MSNBC: A key detail in the corporate tax debate: the GOP’s cut didn’t work 
  • MSNBC: Rep. Porter says child care is infrastructure ‘full stop, period’
  • Politico Playbook: The question that’s about to dominate politics 
  • NYT: Biden’s $2.3 trillion plan spurs a fight over what ‘infrastructure’ really means.
  • NYT Op-Ed: Republicans Are Mired in Concrete 
  • The Grio: Buttigieg says racism built into US infrastructure was a ‘conscious choice’
  • Punchbowl: The House Democrats to watch on infrastructure 
  • Politico Playbook: Matt Gaetz matters little to Liz Cheney
  • Politico: Dems can use unprecedented move for an extra filibuster-proof bill, Schumer aide says 
  • WSJ: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Faces New Hurdle in Senate Rules 
  • LA Times: Dianne Feinstein signals she’s open to abandoning Senate filibuster for voting rights
  • WSJ: Kyrsten Sinema Defends Filibuster as Pressure Mounts From Progressives
  • WaPo Op-Ed: Kyrsten Sinema is misleading her constituents. And she almost surely knows it. 


Fundraising Grift

  • NYT: How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations 
  • HuffPost: GOP Firm Tied To Trump-Endorsed WinRed Fundraiser Tool At Center Of Minnesota Dispute 
  • WaPost: The Trailer: How Trump is still writing the GOP’s story
  • FiveThirtyEight: Why The Republican Party Isn’t Rebranding After 2020
  • YouGov Survey: Who are “Trump Republicans?” 
  • MSNBC: McConnell demands corporate silence on GOP voter-suppression efforts
  • The New Yorker: Inside the Koch-Backed Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century 


Matt Gaetz Update

  • NYT: Matt Gaetz, Loyal for Years to Trump, Is Said to Have Sought a Blanket Pardon 
  • CBS News: Matt Gaetz trip to Bahamas is part of federal probe into sex trafficking, sources say 


Laws Targeting Transgender Youth

  • WaPo: Arkansas governor vetoes bill banning medical treatments for transgender youths
  • Axios: 2021 sees a record number of bills targeting trans youth 
  • CNN: Arkansas becomes first state to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for trans youth 
  • HRC: BREAKING: 2021 Becomes Record Year For Anti-Transgender Legislation
  • Business Insider: Every anti-trans bill US lawmakers introduced this year, from banning medication to jail time for doctors 
  • ACLU tracker: Legislation Affecting LGBT Rights Across The Country
  • People: What’s Going on with Anti-Trans Legislation? What You Need to Know and How You Can Help 
  • NYT: Why Transgender Girls Are Suddenly the G.O.P.’s Culture-War Focus 
  • them.: More Anti-Trans Bills Have Been Introduced in 2021 Than Any Year in History
  • PRRI: Despite Partisan Rancor, Americans Broadly Support LGBTQ Rights



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