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April 15, 2022
Pod Save America
"America’s Next Top Press Secretary." (Live from D.C.!)

In This Episode

Guest host Jane Coaston joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan live in the nation’s capital! Donald Trump makes his first major campaign investment while many question if his endorsements are losing their political power, Republicans remain intent on fighting culture wars over abortion, Disney, and LGBTQ rights while voters care most about the economy, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and comedian Mike Birbiglia join for a game called As The President Has Long Said. 


Show Notes


Republicans Soft on Republican Crime

  • NYT: Blaming Trump, Jan. 6 Suspect Says He Fell Down a ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Lies
  • NBC: Jan. 6 defendant who stole liquor, coat rack says he was ‘following presidential orders’ 
  • CNN: Book details tension with McConnell over Trump’s bid to reverse Biden’s electoral win
  • The Hill: McConnell: ‘Actually possible’ for GOP to screw up midterms with ‘unacceptable’ candidates 
  • WaPo: Mark Meadows removed from N.C. voter rolls amid fraud investigation 
  • NYT: In Conference Call Before Riot, a Plea to ‘Descend on the Capitol’ 
  • Newsweek: Roger Stone Says ‘Patriots’ And ‘Traitors’ Are Only Two Political Parties Independent: Roger Stone defends Madison Cawthorn and says he can confirm DC’s cocaine-fuelled orgies ‘first hand’ 
  • CNN: Wife of Mark Meadows appears to have used invalid address on North Carolina voter forms 
  • Salon: “Classic GOP hypocrisy”: Mark Meadows’ wife may have committed voter fraud too 
  • New Yorker: Why Did Mark Meadows Register to Vote at an Address Where He Did Not Reside? 


The Culture Wars

  • Vice: Democrats Are Doing Basically Nothing to Counter the GOP’s ‘Pedophile’ Attacks
  • NYT: Red States Push L.G.B.T.Q. Restrictions as Education Battles Intensify
  • NYT: Texas Governor Offers Deal to End Snarled Traffic at Border
  • CNN: Texas leads among 26 states with book bans, free speech group says
  • NBC: Democrats field test how to make Rick Scott’s agenda backfire on GOP
  • CNN: Migrants bused to DC as part of Texas Gov Abbott’s protest against Biden
  • Esquire: Oklahoma Republicans just passed a law forcing a woman to have her rapist’s baby
  • Reuters: Kentucky lawmakers block abortion access with a new law, effective immediately
  • The AP: Florida’s 15-week abortion ban is now law
  • CNN: Texas leads among 26 states with book bans, free speech group says 
  • NY Times: Book Banning Efforts Surged in 2021. These Titles Were the Most Targeted.
  • NPR: A library system announces a program to challenge the tide of book bannings 
  • WaPo: Democrats must hit back hard at GOP book bans. Here’s a start. – By Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman 
  • NBC: Democrats field test how to make Rick Scott’s agenda backfire on GOP 
  • Daily Beast: GOP Candidates Can’t Stop Touching the Third Rail of Politics
  • Bloomberg: Republicans Need to Tell Voters What Their Plans Are


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