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“All By Myself”

All By Myself

This week Erin Ryan is joined by Michaela Watkins, Kiran Deol, and Dana Schwartz to tackle being alone, whether that’s alone with your thoughts, or alone in another country, alone in your apartment and how those moments can be good for you. Plus, Alyssa Mastromonaco calls in to discuss boring liars, interesting liars, and dangerous liars, and about Joe Biden’s seeming inability to apologize. Then as always, our Hills.

Show Notes: 

Need a good solo read? Look no further:

“Going It Alone” by Rahawa Haile

“On Spinsters” by Briallen Hopper

“Solitude and Leadership” https://theamericanscholar.org/solitude-and-leadership/#.XMh_3y2ZPow

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