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February 07, 2023
Pod Save America
“After Balloon Delight.”

In This Episode

Dark Brandon obliterates Beijing’s big balloon ahead of his State of the Union address. And outgoing Chief of Staff Ron Klain stops by to talk about Biden’s speech, US-China relations, and his tenure in the White House.


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Show Notes

  • BBC: Chinese balloon: What investigators might learn from the debris
  • FT: China’s military keeps rivals on edge with balloon strategy
  • Bloomberg: Three Chinese Balloons Flew Over US During Trump Presidency
  • Fox News: China spy balloon fiasco exposed Biden’s astonishing weakness and Xi will drive a truck through it
  • Politico: Biden, the balloon, and the age of anti-China one-upmanship
  • CBSNews: Computer chip ban signals new era as Biden, Xi meet
  • WaPo: Opinion  The inside story of how the U.S. shot down the Chinese balloon CNNAnalysis: Why the Chinese balloon crisis could be a defining moment in the new Cold War
  • Playbook: The SOTU stakes for Biden
  • Playbook: China deflates Biden’s SOTU swagger
  • Punchbowl: The State of our Union
  • WaPo: Americans not feeling impact of Biden agenda, Post-ABC poll finds
  • AP: Biden 2024? Most Democrats say no thank you: AP-NORC poll
  • MSNBC: GOP leaders left literally speechless by Biden-era job growth
  • The Hill: Roughly 4 in 10 say state of union is strong ahead of Biden address: survey
  • Politico: Flexing his wins and eyeing a 2nd term, Biden will lay out contrasts with GOP in State of the Union
  • WaPo: Biden’s 2022 State of the Union proposals: What flopped and what succeeded
  • NYT: For Biden, a Chance for a Fresh Start in a New Era of Divided Government
  • Axios: China crashes Biden’s State of the Union speech
  • New Yorker: How Should an Older President Think About a Second Term?