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August 04, 2020
Pod Save America
"99 days to the election (with Mehdi Hasan)."

In This Episode

The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan joins to discuss the state of the presidential campaign now that we’re less than 100 days out, how COVID reached deep into the White House and forced major changes to Trump’s campaign, the latest with COVID relief in Congress, how Trump’s message went from calling Biden soft on China to member of Antifa, and how the media can learn from the mistakes of 2016. Then Jon F. interviews Mother Jones’ Ari Berman about voting during the pandemic.

Make sure you’re registered, request an absentee ballot, and get involved at votesaveamerica.com/everylastvote.

Show Notes

100 days out, where are we?

  • CNN: The polls show Biden is a clear favorite 100 days out from an unprecedented election
  • WSJ: What Polling Can Tell Us 100 Days From the Election
  • NYT: Big Polling Leads Tend to Erode. Is Biden’s Edge Different?
  • The Guardian: The US election is in 100 days: what are the biggest threats to it?
  • NYT: A 2020 Question 100 Days Out: Will the Elections Be Free and Fair?
  • Politico: Trump administration, Democrats joust over warning on election interference
  • CBS News: 100 days before election, top counterintelligence official warns of foreign interference

COVD. Has reality sunk in for Trump?

  • NPR: President Trump Cancels Jacksonville Component Of Republican National Convention
  • CNN: Trump cancels Republican convention activities in Jacksonville
  • WaPo: How the Republican National Convention came undone
  • NYT: Inside Trump’s About-Face on the Republican Convention in Jacksonville
  • Politico: How Trump went from a massive convention bash to no party at all
  • Politico: Poll: Biden widens lead over Trump in Florida to 13 points
  • Orlando Sentinel: DeSantis’ popularity plummets, and Biden opens 13-point Florida lead over Trump, poll finds
  • ABC News: Pandemic becomes politically fraught for Florida governor
  • prediction shows
  • Orlando Sentinel: DeSantis says Florida trending in the right direction despite record 173 new coronavirus deaths
  • NPR: Florida Teachers Sue To Block School Coronavirus Reopening Mandate
  • Politico: Sinclair to delay segment featuring ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy theory
  • WaPo: Sinclair TV stations delay airing interview with ‘Plandemic’ researcher amid backlash
  • New York Magazine: Sinclair Pulls Segment Sharing Anti-Fauci COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory 
  • CNN: Local TV stations across the country set to air discredited ‘Plandemic’ researcher’s conspiracy theory about Fauci
  • Politico: Mnuchin: Republicans ‘on the same page’ on coronavirus relief bill
  • Reuters: Trump aides float piecemeal approach to coronavirus relief in Congress
  • WSJ: Republicans to Release Opening Bid on Coronavirus Stimulus After Weekend Talks
  • WaPo: Top White House officials say Congress might need to rush narrow relief bill to avoid unemployment aid lapse
  • WaPo: McConnell says stimulus deal could take ‘a few weeks,’ putting millions with expiring jobless aid in limbo


  • NYT: Officials Push U.S.-China Relations Toward Point of No Return
  • NPR: Timeline: The Unraveling Of U.S.-China Relations
  • WSJ: Trump Administration Turns Up Pressure on China on Several Fronts
  • NYT: China Orders U.S. to Shut Chengdu Consulate, Retaliating for Houston
  • WSJ: China Orders U.S. to Close Chengdu Consulate as Payback for Houston Move
  • WaPo: China tells U.S. to shut consulate in Chengdu, in retaliation for Houston closure
  • CNN: Chinese consulate in Houston closed following US order
  • NYT: U.S. Wants to Bar Members of China’s Communist Party. Who Are They?
  • NYT: U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Members
  • WaPo: The U.S. is using harsh language about the Chinese Communist Party. Who joins the CCP — and why?
  • Axios: Chinese Communist Party members have long faced U.S. immigration hurdles
  • WaPo: U.S. sanctions additional Chinese companies, alleging human rights violations in Xinjiang region
  • NYT: U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 11 Chinese Companies Over Human Rights
  • FT: China imposes sanctions on US lawmakers in retaliation for Xinjiang measures
  • NBC News: U.S. sanctions Chinese officials for human rights abuses in Xinjiang
  • Bloomberg: U.S. Readies ‘Harsh’ Sanctions on China Over Abuses in Xinjiang
  • Reuters: Trump signs bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown
  • NPR: Will TikTok Be Banned In The USA? It May Depend On Who Owns It
  • WaPo: Pompeo says the U.S. is ‘certainly looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese apps
  • Politico: Pompeo: U.S. engagement with China has failed
  • US Department of State: Communist China and the Free World’s Future
  • The Atlantic: Democrats Are Allowing Trump to Frame the Debate on China
  • Slate: Don’t Pick a Cold War You Can’t Win
  • Politico: Trump accelerates China punishments in time for reelection
  • ABC News: Trump, Biden try to outdo each other on tough talk on China
  • Foreign Policy: Biden Camp Tries to Walk Fine Line on China

Portland & the Law and Order Message

  • NYT: Federal Agents Push Into Portland Streets, Stretching Limits of Their Authority
  • LA Times: Legal analysis: Is Trump stretching the law to deploy federal police power in cities?
  • NPR: Judge Denies Oregon’s Request For Restraining Order Against Federal Officers
  •  NYT: Judge Rejects Challenge to Federal Agents Targeting Portland Protesters
  • Politico: Judge refuses to issue order reining in federal agents in Portland
  • PBS: Federal presence in Portland gives protests momentum
  • WaPo: Operation Diligent Valor: Trump showcased federal power in Portland, making a culture war campaign pitch
  • WaPo: Operation Diligent Valor: Trump showcased federal power in Portland, making a culture war campaign pitch
  • CNN: Trump advisers hope law and order campaign will resonate over Covid response
  • WaPo: Trump announces increase in federal law enforcement in more U.S. cities
  • Politico: Trump announces plan to send federal law enforcement to Chicago, Albuquerque
  • Buzzfeed: Trump Says He’s Sending Federal Agents To Chicago And Albuquerque Even Though They’re Not Wanted
  • Politico: Fox News breaks away from White House briefing that aired ‘F— Cops’ graffiti
  • The Hill: Kayleigh McEnany plays Portland riot video at briefing
  • WaPo: Operation Diligent Valor: Trump showcased federal power in Portland, making a culture war campaign pitch
  • NYT: Right-Wing Media Stars Amplify Trump’s ‘Law and Order’ Campaign Message
  • The Daily Beast: ‘Shaking in Their Boots’: Trump Wanted a Portland-Style Offensive in Chicago
  • MSNBC: Mehdi Hasan: It’s Time We Use The F-Word: Fascism | All In | MSNBC
  • Vox: Portland, polarization, and the crisis of the Republican Party
  • WaPo: The federal crackdown in Portland is ‘legal.’ That’s the problem with it.
  • NYT Op-ed: Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun
  • NPR: Trump Tries To Appeal To ‘Housewives’ And White Suburbs, But His Views Seem Outdated
  • Politico: Donald Trump’s suburban horror show
  • WaPo: Trump’s strategy to win the suburbs with racial division has a big flaw
  • NYT: Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama Program Addressing Housing Discrimination
  • LA Times: Trump repeals rule meant to integrate neighborhoods, further stoking racial divisions in campaign
  • WaPo: Trump tries to win over ‘Suburban Housewives’ with repeal of anti-segregation housing rule
  • NPR: Down In The Polls, Trump Pitches Fear: ‘They Want To Destroy Our Suburbs’ 
  • NYT: Trump Is Selling White Grievance. The Suburbs Aren’t Buying It.

2020 Media Coverage

  • WaPo: Media coverage of the 2016 campaign was disastrous. Now’s the last chance to get 2020 right.