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December 08, 2022
Pod Save America
“51 and Done.”

In This Episode

Democrats will have 51 Senate seats after Raphael Warnock wins the final election of the 2022 midterms, Donald Trump racks up more losses and legal troubles, and Strict Scrutiny’s Kate Shaw joins to break down two major cases heard by the Supreme Court this week on gay rights and democracy.


Show Notes



  • TheAtlantic: What the Georgia Runoff Revealed
  • WaPo: Warnock beats Walker in Ga. runoff, growing Democrats’ Senate majority 
  • NYT: Warnock Beats Walker, Giving Democrats 51st Senate Seat
  • FoxNews: Herschel Walker concedes after bitter Georgia runoff: ‘I’m not going to make any excuses’ 
  • Politico: ‘He never should have run for this seat’ 
  • Politico: Warnock beats Walker in Georgia, padding Dems’ Senate edge
  • AJC: Warnock defeats Walker, giving Democrats 51-49 majority in Senate 
  • CNN: What a 51-49 Senate majority means for Democrats
  • ABC: With Georgia Senate runoff, what difference would 51-seat Democratic majority make? 
  • Fivethirtyeight: Republicans Have A Clear Path To Retaking The Senate In 2024 
  • Insider: Warnock’s win in Georgia gives Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema far less power over Biden’s agenda
  • Fivethirtyeight: Georgia Senate Runoff: How Raphael Warnock Secured Democrats A 51st Senate Seat 
  • CNN video: See how Raphael Warnock beat Herschel Walker county-by-county
  • NYT: The key statistics about Trump’s endorsement track record this year.



  • NYT: Trump Organization Found Guilty in Tax Fraud Scheme
  • The Atlantic: Trump’s Reckoning With the Rule of Law
  • Bloomberg: Trump Has Rough Legal Road Ahead Without Presidential Shield
  • NYT: Trump Bedeviled by Company’s Conviction and Senate Candidate’s Defeat
  • WaPo: Items with classified markings found at Trump storage unit in Florida
  • NYT: Classified Documents Found in Trump Search of Storage Site
  • NYT: Trump Is Unraveling Before Our Eyes, but Will It Matter?
  • NBC: Jan. 6 committee plans to issue criminal referrals along with its final report
  • ABC: Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago
  • Bulwark: Cowardice and Desperation: How Republicans Responded to Trump’s Constitution Comment



  • NYT: A New Clash Between Faith and Gay Rights Arrives at a Changed Supreme Court
  • NYT: Didn’t the Supreme Court already decide this question in Masterpiece Cakeshop?
  • NYT: Supreme Court seems to side with web designer opposed to same-sex marriage
  • CNN: Takeaways from Moore v. Harper, the historic Supreme Court arguments on election rules
  • DemocracyDocket: Headed Toward a Middle Ground? Today’s Argument in Moore v. Harper
  • BrennanCenter: ​​There Is No ‘Lite Version’ of the ‘Independent State Legislature Theory’


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