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Friends Of The Pod How Tos

How To: Join the Server

To join the Friends of the Pod Discord server, you’ll need to connect with your Supercast account by using this link:

The link above is associated with your Friends of the Pod Supercast account, however if you are a new Discord user you will need to create a new Discord account and login separate from your Supercast login.

NOTE: If you have an existing Discord account, you can login with those existing credentials.

Once you have created an account and accepted the Discord link invitation, you will be prompted by a few pre-join questions. Answering these questions will help you curate your Friends of the Pod Discord experience!

You will also be asked to read and agree to our Friends of the Pod server rules. These are important, so make sure to actually read them!

After answering our pre-join questions and agreeing to our server rules, you’ll be met with our Server Guide. Follow the steps and review the resources outlined in this guide to familiarize yourself with our Friends of the Pod Discord server.

These Server Guide steps will include:

  • Get started by reading the #start-here page!
  • Review our Server Directory to see where everything is located!
  • Introduce yourself to the Friends of the Pod community!
  • Check out our weekly Server Announcements!
  • Post questions about the server in the #help channel!

Looking to see what kind of community events we have coming up?

Check out the Events section of your channel list to see a calendar of future events. If you’re interested in attending one, click “Interested” to RSVP and be notified when that event begins!

You can also check out the #event-updates channel to see when new events are announced.

Interested in seeing what new articles Crooked Staff & Hosts are reading today?

Check out the #crooked-news-discussion channel you’ll be able to view news articles & posts shared by Crooked Staffers as they prep for your favorite shows in (almost) real time.

Want to discuss new episodes of your favorite Crooked podcasts?

Check out the PODCAST DISCUSSIONS subheading on your channel list, which includes channels for Pod Save America, Pod Save The World, Lovett or Leave It, and more!

If you have any questions about our Friends of the Pod Discord, there’s 3 different ways you can get help:

  1. Go to the #help channel located on your channel list under the “SUPPORT” subheading and post your question there. A FOTP Moderator will be able to help you out from there.
  2. Send a private direct message to @ModMail.
    1. To open a new ticket use the =new command in a Direct Message (DM) to @ModMail.
    2. If you are in multiple servers that use ModMail you will need to verify your account so the bot can see which servers you are in.
    3. The next screen will display your servers and give you the option to select the server where you want to create your ticket.
    4. React with the number corresponding to the server of your choice.
    5. Your message will then be sent private to our Moderation team and you will receive a reply within 1-3 hours.
  3. Send us an email at and one of our Community Managers will be able to assist you. (However, if you have a question about your premium feeds, email instead!)

How To: Set Up Ads-Free Episodes

In order to access the ad-free episodes included with your Friends with Benefits or Best Friends subscription, you will have to individually connect to your premium feeds such as Pod Save America Ad-free and Pod Save The World Ad-free within your Friends of the Pod Supercast account. Once you’ve connected each of these feeds via Supercast, the ad-free shows will begin to appear on the podcast player of your choosing.

To start, you can log in to your subscriber account here to connect these premium feeds here:

Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Friends of the Pod subscription.
  2. Click Home and scroll down to the “Listen wherever you want” section.
  3. Click the player link for your preferred podcast players for each premium feed and follow the prompts to connect to your feed in your podcast player.

What does each feed include?

  • Pod Save America Ad-free feed: Includes ad-free episodes of Pod Save America
  • Pod Save The World Ad-free feed: Includes ad-free episodes of Pod Save The World, including exclusive bi-weekly extended episodes with Q&As from Tommy and Ben
  • Friends of the Pod (Exclusive Content) feed: Includes episodes of Pollercoaster with Dan Pfeiffer, Inside 2024, and Terminally Online
  • Limited Series feed: Includes ad-free episodes of some of your favorite award-winning Crooked Limited Series such as This Land, Another Russia, and Dreamtown: Adelanto

For additional troubleshooting questions regarding setting up your Friends of the Pod premium feeds, you can email Thanks for supporting Crooked Media by being a Friend of the Pod!