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Trump, Guns, and Hope Hicks | A Crooked Q&A

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We went live taking some of your questions today. Here’s what we covered!

0:00 – Trump’s televised gun discussion with members of Congress

5:50 – What is the status on DACA?

7:25 – How do Democrats in the midwest the coastal urban stereotype (question from J.D. Scholten, Democrat running against Steve King in Iowa)

9:30 – How do you respond when people say Obama didn’t do anything about guns

11:40 – Jeff Sessions, Nunes, and FISA warrants

12:45 – Breaking news on Hope Hicks

14:20 – What advice do you have for high school students who are considering walking out over gun legislation but might face consequences

15:45 – Please dunk on Marco Rubio and his dumb tweets

18:45 – Jared Kushner security clearance

20:45 – Leo, Pundit, and some other light questions

21:50 – How can we help and encourage the budding political interest of young people in the #neveragain and #metoo climate

24:35 – Banter and jokes and stuff