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September 03, 2019
Pod Save America
“Trump’s lost summer.”

In This Episode

Trump caps off a lost summer by golfing and rage-tweeting through a hurricane, and a debate begins about which states are most important in 2020. Then political strategists David Axelrod and Mike Murphy, co-hosts of the Hacks On Tap podcast, talk to Jon F. about the Democratic primary and upcoming debate.

Summer of Trump

  • WaPo: “Trump’s lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance”
  • CNN: “Why Donald Trump is thrilled about this fight with the ‘Squad’”
  • NBC News: “’Not very smart’: Trump renews attacks on ‘the squad’ by calling them ‘racist’”
  • Vox: “Trump’s racist tirades against “the Squad,” explained”
  • NPR: “Leaders In Baltimore And Maryland Denounce Trump Tweets Attacking Elijah Cummings”
  • USA Today: “Poll: About half of Americans disapprove of how Trump handled El Paso and Dayton shootings”
  • HuffPo: “Trump Slammed For Tone-Deaf ‘Photo-Op’ With El Paso Orphan
  • New York Times: “Trump Uses a Day of Healing to Deepen the Nation’s Divisions”
  • The Atlantic: “Trump’s Habit of Contradicting Himself After a Tragedy”
  • Vox: “Trump suggests El Paso and Dayton shooting response should include hardline immigration reform”
  • NPR: “’Hate Has No Place’ In America, Trump Says After El Paso And Dayton Shootings”
  • New York Times: “Texas Shooting Brings New Urgency to Gun Debate in Congress”
  • WaPo: “Democrats press Trump, GOP to tighten gun controls after Odessa mass shooting”
  • WaPo: “Texas’s second mass shooting during August kills at least 7”
  • USA Today: “’Congress has a lot of thinking to do’ on gun control after Midland-Odessa shooting”
  • NBC News: “New Texas laws loosening gun control draw outrage from advocates after Odessa shooting”
  • CBS News: “More than 100 lawmakers denounce decision to end program for sick immigrants”
  • WaPo: “Trump administration clarifies policy on citizenship of children born abroad to American servicemembers”
  • ABC News: “Trump administration ends relief program for immigrants with medical issues”
  • Boston Globe: “Trump’s move halts virtually all asylum cases in New England”
  • CBS News: “5 U.S. industries hit hardest by Trump’s latest China tariffs”
  • CNBC: “China takes cautious steps with new tariffs, leaving most to December”
  • Bloomberg: “China Plays Down Latest Trump Tariffs With Path to Talks Unclear”
  • CNN: “US-China trade war shows no sign of ending as new tariffs arrive”
  • The Hill: “Trump lashes out at the media, Democrats in Labor Day tweets”
  • CNN: “Trump appears to taunt Iran with tweet that raises concerns he disclosed classified information”
  • Slate: “The President Spent the G-7 Summit Retweeting Conspiracy Theories”
  • New York Times: “A Gyrating Economy, and Trump’s Volatile Approach to It, Raise Alarms”
  • Forbes: “5 Key Trump Moments From The Weekend’s G7 Summit
  • WaPo: “G-7 summit ends with little consensus amid Trump’s mixed messaging on the trade war”
  • New York Times: “Trump Sends Mixed Signals on China During G7 Summit”
  • NBC News: “Trump officials defend decision to send FEMA funds to ICE ahead of Hurricane Dorian”
  • Politico: “Trump says he’s OK with acting FEMA chief as Hurricane Dorian bears down”
  • CNN: “Trump prepares to face Dorian surrounded by acting officials”
  • New York Times: “Storm Roars Through Caribbean but Spares It the Worst”
  • CNBC: “A recession in 2020 would hurt Trump, but it wouldn’t necessarily sink his reelection”
  • WaPo: “Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades”
  • New York Times: “A Test for Obama’s View of a One-Term Presidency”
  • CNN: “Debt ceiling: Timeline of deal’s development”
  • The Hill: “GOP fears Trump backlash in suburbs”
  • The Guardian: “To beat Trump in 2020, Democrats will need to get down and dirty”
  • CBS News: “2020 Democrats attack Trump’s response to El Paso and Dayton shootings”


  • WaPo: The 2020 electoral map could be the smallest in years. Here’s why.
  • CNN: Trump trails Democrats by a historically large margin
  • Politico: DeSantis — and Florida — in the storm spotlight
  • NYT: Two Polling Methods, Two Views of Trump’s 2020 Re-election Chances – Is the president basically like other presidents, or is he uniquely divisive?
  • CNN: Texas’ biggest metro areas may tip America’s balance of power in the years ahead
  • Axios: Trump’s net approval rating sinks in every battleground state
  • The Intercept: How Democrats Plan To Win Wisconsin In 2020
  • The Nation: How Democrats Can Win Back Rural Wisconsin
  • NBC News: Deep dive poll of Latino voters aims to ramp up 2020 election outreach
  • Politico: DNC hires staff in 6 battleground states
  • WaPo: The false choice between the Sun Belt and the Blue Wall
  • FiveThirtyEight: The Movement To Skip The Electoral College May Take Its First Step Back
  • Politico Magazine: Why Republicans Should Get Behind a National Popular Vote, Too
  • NYT: Both Parties See Control of the Senate as Pivotal. Here Are the Key Races They’re Watching.
  • New Yorker: The Urgency of the 2020 Senate Race
  • The Intercept: Progressive Candidates Are Carving A Path To The Senate In 2020 — No Thanks To Chuck Schumer
  • NYT: 2020 Democrats Demand Gun Control, but Differ on Tactics
  • FiveThirtyEight: Georgia Will Now Have Two Senate Elections In 2020
  • ABC News: Senate Democrats, Republicans prepare for 2020 battleground in Trump era
  • NBC News: The Senate suddenly looks like it’s up for grabs in 2020

David Axelrod & Mike Murphy

  • WaPo: Presidential hopefuls face a stubborn problem: how to bump Biden
  • Bloomberg: ‘Time Is Running Out’: The 2020 Democratic Race Is About to Get Serious
  • FiveThirtyEight: Joe Biden Has An Iowa Problem, Not An Enthusiasm Problem
  • WaPo: Joe Biden, the anemic front-runner
  • NYT: Does Joe Biden Want to Be Doing This? – On certain days, Biden 2020 can feel more like a dutiful slog than the last march of a happy warrior.
  • Reuters: Biden seen as weak front-runner as 2020 U.S. Democratic race heats up
  • NYT: Why Some Labor Unions Are Holding Back on 2020 Endorsements
  • Politico: Why black voters are backing two old white guys
  • NYT: Pete Buttigieg Was Rising. Then Came South Bend’s Policing Crisis.
  • McClatchy: “Flip the switch:” Stuck in the polls, Buttigieg plans to beef up campaign staff
  • Politico: We analyzed the schedules of every top 2020 Democrat. Here are the big takeaways.
  • Politico: Julián Castro claims he can reassemble Obama’s winning coalition
  • WaPo: The Trailer: Is there still time for a candidate to surge?
  • WaPo: Black farmers say Warren’s plan wouldn’t solve their biggest problem
  • Vox: The suddenly uncertain future of the Iowa caucuses, explained
  • The Atlantic: Iowa’s Most Famous Pollster Faces Her Toughest Test Yet
  • The Atlantic: Michael Bennet, Mad as Hell
  • NYT: Two Polling Methods, Two Views of Trump’s 2020 Re-election Chances – Is the president basically like other presidents, or is he uniquely divisive?
  • Politico: ‘The rock star’ vs. ‘The rock’: Warren and Biden hurtle toward collision
  • NYT: How Kirsten Gillibrand’s Presidential Dreams Unraveled