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July 13, 2023
Pod Save America
The GOP Culture War on the Troops

In This Episode

Donald Trump sees winning the presidency as his best chance to stay out of jail. Rupert Murdoch turns on Ron DeSantis and other presidential candidates are now paying voters for the chance to get on the debate stage. Then Dan talks with Pro-Choice Ohio’s Kellie Copeland about the effort to enshrine abortion access into Ohio’s constitution.

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Show Notes



  • Politico: McCarthy confronts bleak reality as conservatives undercut GOP agenda
  • CNN: House GOP leaders struggle to resolve standoff over social issues in defense bill 
  • TNR:  5 Culture War Fights Republicans Want to Cram Into the Defense Bill
  • Vanity Fair – Kevin McCarthy Is Being Put Through Yet Another Purity Test From the Freedom Caucus 
  • Politico: Abortion, LGBTQ and race: McCarthy confronts far-right demands on Pentagon policy bill 
  • Newsweek – Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for U.S. Withdrawal From NATO 
  • WaPo: The GOP’s march away from Ukraine has halted 
  • Politico: Thom Tillis’ campaign to get Republicans to stop worrying and love NATO
  • Axios: Bipartisan push forms in Congress to deny Ukraine cluster bombs
  • NYT: F.B.I. Director Testifies Before House Panel as It Assails the Bureau 
  • – Tuberville on white nationalist remarks: ‘I didn’t explain it well’ 
  • Politico: Biden vs. Coach: White House relishes matchup against Tuberville 
  • NY Mag – Tommy Tuberville (Eventually) Admits White Nationalists Are Racist
  • WaPo: Sen. Tommy Tuberville relents and says white nationalists are racist 
  • CNN: Pentagon seeks to increase pressure on Tuberville to break hold on military nominations
  • NY Mag – The Marine Corps Is Leaderless Because a Senator Is Mad About Abortion
  • Mediaite – CNN Anchors Spend Morning Asking Republicans If White Nationalists Are Racist — Here’s How That’s Going
  • Axios: Democrats demand GOP investigate its own indicted whistleblower
  • The New Republic – U.S. Attorney Smacks Down GOP “Whistleblower” Claims on Hunter Biden
  • NYT: The G.O.P. Backed Him on Hunter Biden Claims. Now He Has Been Indicted.
  • WaPo: Indictment of GOP’s ‘missing’ informant becomes conspiracy fodder



  • NYT: Trump Lawyers Seek Indefinite Postponement of Documents Trial
  • ABC: Judge agrees to delay next hearing in Trump classified documents case
  • NYT: Presidency Doesn’t Shield Trump From Carroll’s Suit, Justice Dept. Says
  • Politico: Trump wants classified documents trial delayed until after 2024 election
  • NYT: DeSantis Confronts a Murdoch Empire No Longer Quite So Supportive
  • Semafor: Nobody is going ‘rogue’ on the confrontational DeSantis campaign
  • Rolling Stone: Murdochs Start to Sour on DeSantis: ‘They Can Smell a Loser’
  • WaPo: Murdoch is realizing that he’s stuck with the monster he created
  • NBC: Ron DeSantis says he wouldn’t be Trump’s running mate: ‘I’m not a No. 2 guy’
  • The Hill: RNC debate limits are bad for the party and the American people
  • NBC: Will Hurd says it’s up to RNC whether he’s in August debate
  • NYT: Desperate to Debate: Why a G.O.P. Candidate Is Offering $20 for $1 Donations
  • Intelligencer: You Can Earn a $20 Gift Card by Messing With the GOP Debates
  • CNN: $20 gift cards and $1 books: GOP primary candidates test novel ways to raise money as they scramble for a spot on next month’s debate stage
  • WaPo: GOP candidates scramble to attract donors to qualify for first debate
  • Axios: 2024 up-and-coming GOP fundraisers emerge
  • Fox: DeSantis commits to first GOP presidential primary debate regardless of Trump participation
  • WaPo: The campaign of Chris Christie’s dreams