December 15, 2017
The Border Wall

In This Episode

It’s hard to think of a more polarizing issue than the wall Trump wants to build on our southern border.

The conversation you’re about to hear was recorded in a wooden barn, on Tony Sedgwick’s ranch in Nogales, Arizona.

Tony’s a Republican who didn’t vote for Donald Trump. In fact, Trump drove Tony all the way out of the party. He’s a small-town lawyer turned full-time Arizona rancher working the land that’s been in his family for generations. If President Trump is going to build his wall, he’ll have to build part of it on Tony’s ranch, which won’t be the first time the federal government has been in a fight with Tony Sedgwick.

But as you’ll hear, Tony’s objection isn’t just about keeping the government off his property. As an independent-minded conservative westerner, he fundamentally disagrees with the President’s wall and calls it a bunch of hooey.

I drove down to Tony’s 3,600 acre ranch where his nearest neighbors live in Mexico to record what turned out to be an incredible conversation with an absolutely brilliant guy.


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