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May 10, 2023
X-Ray Vision
Succession S4 Ep 7 + Yellowjackets S2 Ep 5 & 6

In This Episode

On this episode of X-Ray Vision, Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight head to Camp Green Pine! In Market Moves (1:43) Jason and Rosie speedcap and analyze the latest in the Roy family saga in Succession season 4 episode 7. In the Airlock (35:30), they double dip into Yellowjackets season 2, diving deep (deeep) into episode 5 and 6, recapping and discussing Shauna and Callie, Walter and Misty, and many theories. Then in Nerd Out (1:14:06) a Yellowjackets theory.


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Jason Concepcion Warning This podcast needs spoilers for Season four Episode seven of Succession on HBO, excuse me Max and Season two, Episode five and six of Yellowjackets on the beleaguered Showtime network. Hello, my name is Jason Concepcion.


Rosie Knight And I’m Rosie Knight.


Jason Concepcion And welcome to X-ray Vision, the Crooked Media podcast, where we dive deep into your favorite shows, movies, comics and pop culture.


Rosie Knight In this episode, it’s Market Moves. Get your money ready, gather stocks and bonds. It’s happening. It’s Succession. Season four Episode seven. It’s depressing. But the money is moving. The money’s moving in the airlock. Speaking of depressing, it’s Yellowjacket Season two, Episode five and six. Back from that absolutely heart wrenching break to an absolutely heartbreaking episode. Oh, just prepare yourself. Nerd Out. Guess what? It’s a Yellowjackets theory from listener Chauncy.


Jason Concepcion I love it.


Rosie Knight So we’re ready. The Yellowjackets time is here.


Jason Concepcion Coming up, Market Moves. DOJ legal arm of the GOV, gov. There’s also the FTC. FCC. FBI. It’s Market Moves. Yeah, that’s right. It’s Market Moves. And it’s election eve folks. As we talk about episode seven of Succession tailgate party on here on market who’s your number one source for getting rich getting more money than you know what to do with spending the entire GDP of the of Serbia just to get something nice for yourself because you deserve that. Welcome to Market Moves. As I said, it’s election eve in the Succession universe which means a big ATN party at Casa Wamsganz, hosted by Tom and Shiv. What do you think about that?


Rosie Knight They should not have hosted this party together. I could have told them that last week. I understand that they were feeling lonely. They had to reconnect. But this was a bad move. I would sell, sell, sell on Tom and Shiv. Just saying.


Jason Concepcion Well, I think you’re jumping the gun because before you sell, before you buy. Let’s talk about something that’s that’s red hot and that’s the sexual relationship of Tom and Shiv rejuvenated, rejuvenated. They’re back together, at least on the physical plane. Shiv, meanwhile, is acting as Matsson’s informant on the inside of Waystar Royco. She’s letting the sweet in real time know how her brothers intend to tank the Gojo deal, which is huge because Ken’s Living Plus spiel sent Waystar stock into the stratosphere. Tom. Because things are going so well. At least the sex, they can’t stop texting about it. It’s disgusting.


Rosie Knight They also like incredibly boring texters. It’s like really sad.


Jason Concepcion How is the sex? Oh, it’s good. Unbelievable. How? Your penis. Oh, my God.


Rosie Knight It’s hard. Hard. Oh. Richness money. It’s not giving them any good sexting skills.


Jason Concepcion Tom gives Shiv the gift of a scorpion in some sort of plastic, some sort of acrylic. I wish we knew what company put the scorpion in the acrylic so he could invest in it. But he does this, one, because it’s a reference to the famous frog in the Scorpion Tale, which is a lesson about how the parable about how the scorpion is across the river and the frog is there and he says, Hey, frog, I need across the river. Can I get on your back? And the frogs like, I don’t know, you’re a scorpion. You sting because you have the stinger and that’s how it goes. And the scorpion is like, No, I won’t do it. I promise. Because if I. If I stung you, you would. You would die, and then I would drown. So I’m not going to do it. And then as the frog is taking the scorpion across the river, it stings it. And and this is the thing that Tom is referencing here.


Rosie Knight Very romantic.


Jason Concepcion I think it’s very romantic. I think it’s wonderful. And he says that it’s because Shiv is being, quote, such a hot piece of ass and, quote, a foxy little minx. And I think that’s wonderful.


Rosie Knight I want to say, if Tom had just bought Shiv a nice piece of jewelry here or something vaguely sentimental, I feel like the whole fallout of this episode could have been avoided. But it is actually good that the episode goes the way that it needs to go, because this is just truth. A curry, the scorpion that will go down in all time. TV’s terrible gifts. But I loved every second. I don’t think.


Jason Concepcion It was that bad. I think it was kind of funny. And I think Shiv. I think Shiv is just a person who can’t take any criticism or reference to how shitty she has been. But also Tom is shitty, so it’s hard to unwrap these things.


Rosie Knight I think, Tom, I think you raise a great point. I think Tom was ready to be more self-aware and snarky and self-referential about how toxic their relationship was. Shiv is not ready for that. Shiv wanted to settle back into this idea that they had some great marriage that was passionate and they loved each other and they could trust each other. But that’s just not true.


Jason Concepcion Ken Roy is busy working on things that are happening on six continents, and he’s doing it all because he wants to protect his children. Allegedly. Allegedly. On that note, he meets Rava, his ex. Rava has called this meeting, which can barely has that. Listen. If this is a legal thing, he says, like, I just don’t have time for it. I get around the bandwidth with I got all this stuff happening, this Go-Go in the Suite and all this stuff in the living place and all that stuff. What’s going on? And she says, okay, what happened is our daughter Sophie, was pushed by a person who was wearing a raven head hat, and they also kind of said something of a racial nature. Now, Raven Head, you might recall, is the ATN anchor who who has read Mein Kampf several times.


Rosie Knight He’s a Nazi.


Jason Concepcion And has named his dog Blondie after Hitler’s dog, Blondie, R.I.P. Blondie. Ken flips out saying to Bravo, like, Where were you? Why was our daughter on the street? Like, I would do anything to protect you. You must tell me all the details. And I was like, Why don’t you try calling her? Every once in a while?


Rosie Knight Rava’s was like, I was raising your daughter.


Jason Concepcion Raising your daughter while you were? Who knows what. Prompt number one, here on Market Moves. What’s the longest a parent go without talking to their child and still be considered a good parent? How long Let’s say the child is. 13.


Rosie Knight I’m going to be controversial here. If Kendall Roy was my dad, I would actually think it was bad for him to not call me. So I’m saying the longer he goes, the batter parent he is.


Jason Concepcion Interesting.


Rosie Knight I don’t want Kendall Roy calling my child.


Jason Concepcion Interesting, I think you can go 18 hours. You have to call every day. At 13.


Rosie Knight He has not been calling her in 18 months. I’m just letting you know that..


Jason Concepcion I agree with you. It’s been it’s been a it’s been  years.


Rosie Knight At least.


Jason Concepcion Certainly months. But I think it’s. You have to I think maybe.


Rosie Knight a texted maybe.


Jason Concepcion I think if it doesn’t average out to something like once every business day. Then probably something is wrong. And I think let’s put an absolute floor on it three and a half times a week.


Rosie Knight I think that’s good because also it could start with once a day when you get the divorce and you just want the kid to know you’re there and then it can become more of a chill routine thing.


Jason Concepcion But we know if it can go.


Rosie Knight It can go down.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, it can go down up to 18.


Rosie Knight But you got to have the consistenccy.


Jason Concepcion Yes, I think. Okay. Now, what about eight years old? Eight years old?


Rosie Knight You should be calling him every night to say good night. Let’s be real. If it’s. You’re a good parent, Kendall Roy, he’s probably sending some money.


Jason Concepcion Okay, but what if Ken is working on things on six continentsand he can.


Rosie Knight Then he can call six times from each continent.


Jason Concepcion Continent minus Antarctica? But we’re working on something there, obviously. And by the way, stock tip of the day. Look for Waystar Royco to expand into Antartica.


Rosie Knight That’s an exclusive scoop.


Jason Concepcion There’s something happening there I can’t really talk about.


Rosie Knight Support the Patreons for more links like more, more tips.


Jason Concepcion Meanwhile, on the Gojo front, Ken and Roman are pulling out all the stops to kill this deal to murder in its crib. That means full penetrative rat fucking and attempt to find any issue at all, personal or professional with which to attack Matsson and get him out of their hair in case the stock bump fades or Matsson decides to come over the top of 192. He somehow finds the juice to come over 192. Also like props to Ken for this Living Plus stock bomb, this completely fictitious technology slash real estate mash up. It’s amazing that this bump is taking place, but it might. It could feed. You never know.


Rosie Knight I will say. Horrible to say it, but if you are here.


Jason Concepcion Say it. This is Market Moves.


Rosie Knight I’m saying if you’re here for the money or the moves, this is the hard truth. Kendall’s nightmarish manic performance with the stock bump and how good Roman is at rat fucking. That is a powerful combination, if they could keep that consistent. Because Roman finds that shit out quickly through light does one phone call. He doesn’t have to cozy up to Lukas. He doesn’t have to play a game. He wants it done, and he has those connections. That is a dangerous pairing. The problem is we know that the two of them are not consistent.


Jason Concepcion This guy knows how to fucking rat.


Rosie Knight He knows how to fuck a rat. That’s one thing people say about Roman Roy.


Jason Concepcion The boys, speaking of rat fucking, they need an expert. You don’t just go amateur when it’s time to rat fuck, You have to go for a professional. So the boys invite Democratic strategist, former Shiv Roy fuck boy and current chief of staff, something to Gil Eavis and also affiliated with the with potential President elect Jimenez. They call Nate in to work the regulatory angle. Shiv gets word of this and she calls Lukas to warn him. Hey, my brother’s going to go regulatory. Why don’t you come to the ATN election party? My dad, before he died, bending over the toilet to fish his phone out, did invite you to the eighth election party. So why don’t you just come to the party? Because you need to counter this regulatory strategy. Meanwhile, Greg, acting as a Tom Wambsgans’ hangman fires 100 folks from ATN in three days. Prompt number two


Rosie Knight Via Zoom.


Jason Concepcion Via Zoom. And honestly, that’s the kind of empathy and warmth and emotion that I. That was beautifully done.


Rosie Knight I have to say, I feel like that is one of the realist moments that has ever been in Succession, ever getting fired by some nepo baby over Zoom. Who’s reading.


Jason Concepcion He’s not even full nepo baby.


Rosie Knight Not even a full nepo baby.


Jason Concepcion He’s a quarter of a nepo baby.


Rosie Knight He’s just the nep


Jason Concepcion The nep.


Rosie Knight Just a nep and you’re getting fired by a nepo baby over the zoom with cards and he can’t even read them right. It was perfection.


Jason Concepcion One thing I’ll note, and I think this is one of the most subtle subtle messages from in the world of Succession. If you watch that zoom, it’s I was surprised to see that so many women and women of color and people of color work at ATN, always the first to go. Yep, that’s what Tom Wambsganz knows. And that’s what Greg is helping him with. Prompt number two. Are you a good person if you work for Eaton?


Rosie Knight No, I just I I’m sorry, but everyone everyone has to have a job. I understand. Here at Market Moves. We have a very good job. We’re very rich. We have millions of dollars. Billions of dollars. We don’t you know. We can’t really complain. But look, I worked in a lot of shitty jobs in my life, and there’s always a shit job that you can take to pay the rent that is not working ATM, that is not promoting like a neo-Nazi presidential candidate. Also, I think is the ultimate trap. There are surely people there at ATN, who are subjectively or even objectively like are good people, and they want to change things from the inside. BUt that doesn’t happen.


Jason Concepcion They love their they love their pets. They love their kids. They call their kids once every months. Good people work at ATN. Meanwhile, at the party, Roman gets a call from GOP presidential candidate, Heir Mencken. You know about Jaryd Mencken, the neo-Nazi fascist GOP candidate who we just mentioned. Team 1000 year Reich is down in the polls. They’re down from a thousand years. It looks like it’s going to be I don’t know. We can’t really put a number on it, but certainly they’re like 3% down in the polls and they figure, hey, here’s an idea from Camp Mencken. What if presidential candidate Connor Roy currently polling at 1% in Alaska and other states with similar wildlife to people ratio, drops out. What if he drops out? The people who love Connor Roy, the Con heads might go. Mencken. To sweeten the deal for Connor, they offer him the ambassadorship to to Somalia. He counters with. Hey, I’d love to get to Europe. Of course he would. Of course he would. Course he’d love to get to Europe. What He says. What if I come up through the underbelly? What if I come to the Balkans? What about Albania? What about Croatia? What about Bosnia Herzegovina? What about one of those places? They say no. Okay, what about South Korea? Top ten and GDP and they have nukes? No. Okay. What about North Korea? We don’t have an ambassador there. Yeah, but what if I’m the guy? What do I open it up like Nixon and China? They’re like, No. Okay, what about Oman? Interesting. Connor says, I’ll take it to Willa and we’ll see what happens. I will pitch Omon to her. Lukas arrives at the party in a gold, shiny bomber.


Rosie Knight That outfit is unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion Unbelievable. And I think maybe my favorite detail from this episode is Lukas Matsson arrives wearing Kyrie’s.


Rosie Knight Yes. It’s such a big state. And they’re con, they’re constantly in frame at all times is always sitting in some funny pose so you can see that he’s wearing Kyrie’s.


Jason Concepcion They want you to know that he’s wearing Kyrie’s. Lukeas Matsson probably knows nothing about the NBA but huge fan of Kyrie Irving.


Rosie Knight And that says what it says.


Jason Concepcion It really does. The brothers are thrown for a loop. They didn’t expect Mattsson to be here. They have no idea that this is Schiff’s doing. So they tell Shiv, You need to stick to him like glue, okay, And find out what he’s up to. She goes over to Madison, she says, Listen, you need to act semi-normal. This is a big deal. You’re on the biggest stage right now. Act like you’re Kyrie. You get the ball in your hands. Game seven clock winding down. You need to act normal like a normal capitalist who maybe fires a couple hundred people over. Zoom over three days. Not some euro tech like data freak who just thinks of of people as like a a way to acquire information and intelligence. Don’t do that act like a person who just has a lot of money. A regular person who has a lot of money.


Rosie Knight Normal. Normal.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. Later, Mattson lobbies Nate. Nate, Shiv’s former flame, telling him, Listen, I’m a normal guy, just like ship has been telling me to say these are safe hands. And. And what are you going to do? You were going to let the deal go through to the fail sons, and they’re just like their dad. But they’re dumber. Like, I’m smart. I am from Europe and I created Gojo, yada, yada, yada. You should give it to me. I’m wearing Kyrie’s and a cool bomber. I’m cool, he also says. And also big changes at ATN like you don’t like as a Democrat, you don’t like the messaging that comes from ATN. Because why? Because they support a neo-Nazi candidate. Big deal. But big for you. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to I’m going to do regime change like you guys did in Iraq. I’m going to do regime change there and everybody out. You know who that means, Particularly that means Top Gun, whose apartment we’re doing this in. But we’re going to fire Tom. But don’t tell him he’s standing right over there watching me say this, but don’t say anything. Ken, also pitches. Nate. Hey. Okay. I know you just had a minute with. With Lukas Mattson. Here’s my pitch. What if you take Uncle Sam’s big, muscly thighs and you wrap them around Jojo’s neck and then you squeeze it in return for that? ATN will go easy, like Sunday morning on President Jimenez for his first 100 days. You walk into that first hundred days, that big press conference where you say, here’s what happened in the first hundred days and and you go there without any criticism or anything from ATN. We’re just going to talk about like how the water is making people grow breasts on their cheeks or something like that.


Rosie Knight The frogs are going gay.


Jason Concepcion That’s right. Or how Disney now wants everybody to wear pink all the time. That’s what we’re going to talk about at 80 and not the president. Prompt number three, is this a good deal? Regulation for smooth sailing on I-10 for 100 days. Good deal. Do you counter if you are Nate?


Rosie Knight I think Nate knows Kendall too well to know that Kendall cannot promise that. ATN those people are going to say whatever they want. We know that the anchors are going to say what they want. You can fire as many of them as you want, if you want the ratings, which Kendall, once they’re going to say wild shit and they’re not going to support a Democrat, go easy on a Democrat. Also, this is a bad plan in general because they essentially want the regulation to stop the deal because they’re going to say it’s a monopoly issue, especially around sports. The gambling crossover gambling scene. In real life, when those mergersarriages are stopped, both companies lose a fuck ton of money. So this is just a pure chaotic Kendall plan and I think Nate sees through it.


Jason Concepcion You can’t have like a Swedish person with their head corporate headquarters in Norway. That’s like an antitrust thing. They will find something law. That’s law. Ken and Rome discover bump, bump, bomb that Mattsson has been doing something untoward towards his head of communications, Ebba. This includes but is perhaps not limited to the sending of bodily fluids, certainly blood, perhaps others.


Rosie Knight And also hair we learn here.


Jason Concepcion And also hair, which, to be fair, could just be stuck in the blood. We don’t know what that was.


Rosie Knight So glad you brought that defense.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, I’m just saying, like, let’s cut the guy made some slack. Obviously that’s bad, but you know it. Anyway, they approach her and after Greg walks up and fake fires are on Lukas’s behalf, kind of trying to get close to the guy. And they discover from Ebba that Gojo’s India numbers, the subscriber numbers from India are fraudulent, a sham. They’re Fugazi. This is just the thing. They need to get the government to kill the deal. They don’t even need to get the government to kill the deal. They can just tell the board, Hey, it’s 50% stock in a company that’s inflated because the India numbers are fake and the board will absolutely reject.


Rosie Knight I just want to mention, do you remember recently and they story of Succession where somebody else named Kendall Roy inflated some numbers?


Jason Concepcion I don’t recall that.


Rosie Knight You don’t? How lucky.


Jason Concepcion I don’t recall that, may have happened and we may have.


Rosie Knight Talked about liability.


Jason Concepcion We may have talked about it.


Rosie Knight I also don’t recall.


Jason Concepcion And if I did talk about it, then I just don’t remember right now. Sorry, I just changed vitamins and I’m on a different vitamin and it’s messing me up. This news, said Shiv is shivering. She’s concerned because she has gone full Mattson. She confronts him and he’s basically like, Yeah, you lie. Let’s just say the cookie crumbles.


Rosie Knight This is exactly why I think Matsson is so dangerous, is because Matsson is the only honest person I know. He’s fucking horrible, you know? But he’s honest about it. He’s honest about lying. He’s honest about being a sham. He’s honest about the way he abuses people. He’s the opposite of the Roys who do all of that shit and struggle to repress it and keep it secret. But I did really feel for Shiv here because I had been enjoying watching Shiv just decimate and betray her brothers who had cut her out. But this turned on her way quicker than I expected.


Jason Concepcion Send some blood. Maybe it’s twice the amount of blood than you thought. Maybe. Maybe the maybe the test tube is bigger than you expected and you have to fill it up. And now you’ve said, whatever the case may be, the Indian numbers, Lukas says, Ah, imagine if there were two Indias, but there’s a he.


Rosie Knight Might make sense.


Jason Concepcion Then they might make sense. So in other words, they have a 200% ID India. No wonder the stock looks great. And he says like, Listen, here’s what’s up. It’s not going to fucking matter. Sure. If this drags out the the Reddit, you know, wallstreetbets subreddit people will lose under the bridge meme stock campaigns down there, those meme stockers, they’ll get out there in little short me and they’ll put all sorts of funny little gifs under the under the shortened stuff and they’ll they’ll be mean to me. But if this waste, if the Waystar deal goes through and it goes through quick, then you just you do a little like Doug Henning, like a little magician. We just kind of like, go like this and then like, it’s gone. It’s gone. Shiv. Meanwhile, Roman chats with Gerri, who is attending the party. But she’s very angry. She’s angry because Ramon actually did fire her, as we saw in the last episode. It was kind of like a half firing. It’s gone, full firing.


Rosie Knight He wants to pretend it wasn’t a full firing he’s been covering, but he’s. Oh, it wasn’t real. I just said it. But Gerri has had a true revelation here that I wish more people around the Roys would have. She’s out.


Jason Concepcion And Gerri says, Listen, you did fire me. And that was true. 010, you did do it. And here is what I want in turn, because I’m going full fucking legal on your ass, okay? I want hundreds of millions of dollars.


Rosie Knight Eye watering sums, taking nothing less. Gerri is here for the money. We respect our market move. She deserves it. She’s probably for too long.


Jason Concepcion Get the money. All. When you look at this figure, all the blood drains from your body and runs down through your feet and you die. That’s how much money I want. Secondarily, Gerri says, I have hired a full PR team to craft the narrative around this separation. It’s not going to be a firing. It’s going to be a mutual parting of ways, something that makes me look good and makes me look like a fucking hot shot. And if you, Roman Roy, try to fuck with that narrative at all.


Rosie Knight For years, she’s like, for five years. If I hear anything that contradicts me, I say.


Jason Concepcion I’m going Genghis Khan on your fucking ass, And I’m releasing all of the copious dip picks that you have sent me over the several months with which we had a very strange dalliance. So don’t let that happen. And what? And Roman says okay.


He really doesn’t have a choice. I think I really believe in that moment. He was like I’m just giving her the money.


Jason Concepcion After talking it over with Willa, Connor decides to stay in the race. Anything that happens, the beauty of the system and I’ve been saying this for years, I’ve been saying this for years, Rosie, the beauty of the American system is anything can happen.


Rosie Knight Anything can happen.


Jason Concepcion Any dark horse candidate can suddenly become president. Now, Roman is pissed because he’s like, Well, why are you listening to Willa and not like your brother? This is like, really important. You’ve you’ve gotten the carrot. You’ve been offered the ambassadorship to Oman. Take it. You’re not going to be elected president. And your wife, in air quotes he says, doesn’t know what she’s talking about. But Con goes with Willa because she’s the only one who believes them. And I think that’s sweet. Prompt number four. Buy or sell, Con and Willa, how long do you give them?


Rosie Knight I’m buying Con and Willa right now because I truly believe in the fucked up world of Succession and the real world. I don’t I’m not fully betting against the fact that Connor could become president just.


Speaker 4 Because it’s so nightmarish.


Jason Concepcion Anything can happen.


Rosie Knight Or could become vice president to Mencken or something. And I also think. Look. We are Willa supporters here. I’m supporter. We are supporter of Willa. I would say.


Jason Concepcion She’s a playwright.


Rosie Knight She’s a playwright, Talent writer, timing, creative. You know, they just bought a $65 million house.


Jason Concepcion It’s a fixer upper.


Rosie Knight Oh, it’s a fixer upper. You know, they need to stay there. They need to commit their time to that. They need to make sure that that’s going to become the home where they want to live. They don’t need to go to a mansion and she doesn’t need to decorate. What’s she going to do, Take them home to decorate the compound?


Jason Concepcion When when Con is is telling her about about Oman, the jewel of of Arabia. She says, well, where we be live in a compound in Muscat. And she would say and she says but it’s would we be above ground?


Rosie Knight That was my favorite Willa moment. I was like, I know she’s been up late at night looking. What do you mean, looking at those like war three, like looking at compounds on the ground that look like six miles in a tube. She’s been she’s been planning.


Jason Concepcion She thinks are going to, like, live in Hobbiton or something.


Rosie Knight Oh, that would be nice.


Jason Concepcion I also agree I’m going along on Con and Will. I think they’re going to go the distance. And by the distance I mean the natural life span of either partner.


Rosie Knight Yes.


Jason Concepcion One of them will perish before the divorce, I agree, is final. And that’s the bottom line. Lukas and Ken get into it in front of the whole party. It is very awkward and weird. They kind of start out with with Lukas kind of playing the like, the like the Euro supremacist card, saying essentially, like, New York City is a second class city, not like any all the other first class cities like in in the world, like, I don’t know, Singapore, which is a city state or something. I think so, you know and then and then they pivot to GoJo’s numbers. Ken says, Well, what about your India’s numbers? That’s pretty crazy.


Rosie Knight Looking amazing. Almost unbelievable.


Jason Concepcion Yeah. Then Lukas has absolutely no comeback for this. And so he calls the Living Plus numbers, which can pitched so ably in the previous episode. He calls them gay.


Rosie Knight I have to say, this is actually a very accurate European insult. Like, sadly, like that is still where we’re at. Like so much of my life. That was like if something was bad, that’s what people would say. Also, I just want to say this is a classic Lukas is actually an idiot moment and he’s not dangerous at all. He could have just on reflection, he could have just been like, What about your Living Plus numbers? Those were looking kind of crazy, and he could have just said exactly what Kendall said, but instead he went for the weird homophobic insult in his dinner party that somehow it was very strange, but it.


Jason Concepcion Was very, very strange.


Rosie Knight Perfectly awkward.


Jason Concepcion Ken points out that that is in fact homophobic. And strangely, Ken is right. They hug it out. And Lukas leaves.


Rosie Knight Which is also extremely strange.


Jason Concepcion And then in the big boo Harper to the evening, Tom fed up with a 40 of the U.S. is most important, most powerful, most culturally relevant people gossiping about how he’s about to get fucking shit canned. He basically says like, Oh shit, I’m going to bet I can’t take any more of this. She was like, What? Yeah, the party is not over yet. You going to stay up for like 45 more minutes? The votes are coming and all that kind of stuff. So they go outside and they have a huge fight about their relationship.


Rosie Knight In front of plate glass windows that everyone can see.


Jason Concepcion Everyone can hear it. This is echoing across the canyons of New York City. Tom is saying that shiv is broken and he’s saying, you wanted me to go to prison. She’s like, You wanted to, but you.


Rosie Knight You offered to go to prison.


Jason Concepcion He’s like, But yeah, you were happy. You, like, couldn’t wait for me to go to prison. And and she’s like, But all right, But I’m like, super stressed because I put, like, a big bet on Matsson. And it looks like Matsson has hit the iceberg and is going down. And he says, we should never have got married. And and she says, Yeah, that’s right. Because you’re a hick and your family are strivers and are fucking losers. And also your mom, Caroline likes me better than you. So what does that say? And then finally she says, She says, I don’t even care about you. You don’t deserve me. And you never did.


Rosie Knight Yeah. And that comeback comes after Tom tells that you shouldn’t be a mom, which we all know is super brutal because Shiv is currently pregnant. As far as we know, Maybe this is Tom’s baby. So it’s unclear there is a baby at play. This was just an unbelievably hard to watch argument.


Jason Concepcion That was very, very hard to watch. And then the the the palate cleanser for this, the ginger, as they say, is Kevin talking to Frank, saying, hey.


Rosie Knight Ken is such a little fucking snake.


Jason Concepcion He’s like, Hey, come with me. We’re going to run it back. Frank is like, I don’t understand.


Rosie Knight What does that mean?


Jason Concepcion This lingo of the children, I don’t. What does that mean? And he says, This is what we do. We go reverse Viking. Right? GoJo’s numbers are inflated. Once that news hits the street, they’re going to be buyable. We buy them Waystar Royco buys. GoJo. And then we rule the world. Frank, are you in? He’s like, Okay, well, but what about. What about Roman and Shiv? And he says, I don’t know. What about him? I don’t see him here. Do you see him? But where are they?That’s right. Do you see it? You have him in your pocket. Frank, Where are they? Oh, those are not here. That’s right. It’s you and me. Do you want in? Prompt number five. Is Ken the new Logan or will he go down in flames at the end of this season?


Rosie Knight I would love to see him go down in flames because I think he is just a soulless person. But I think if we look at the reality of Succession, I think now would be a smart time to buy in on Kendall, because I do believe that he could potentially become the next Logan. And I think we could end.


Jason Concepcion You heard it here first.


Rosie Knight Buy, buy, buy. But I think we can end in a situation where essentially nothing has changed, which I think is kind of the point of Succession, where you end up with a new shithead. Everyone in the family hates but kind of has to bow down to in my dream, I want to see it where it’s like Greg is in charge because that’s just so terrible. But I think the way Kendall is moving and the way that Frank is tempted by this deal, even though he’s wanted to be out. I think three episodes left. I think Kendall has a chance.


Jason Concepcion I think that he’s going down.


Rosie Knight I love to hear it.


Jason Concepcion And I think he’s going down not in flames, but in waves, he says, notably to Lukas, I am the wave. I am the wave that’s going to wash you away. And when I say waves, I mean the water that drowned the waiter at shivs wedding. I think. Just like Roman can a rat. Fucking Lukas, I think. Lukas. He’s not just like some stationary prey. He must have his minions out there as well, looking for rats to have intercourse with. And I think if he finds the right rat, that rat will divulge that Kenneth Roy killed a guy.


Rosie Knight Okay, I will say.


Jason Concepcion FUll out just killed a guy.


Rosie Knight I’m. This is an out there one. I wouldn’t bet on it. But if you’re brave, if you want to take a risk.


Jason Concepcion He killed.


Rosie Knight Who, as you mentioned, was so great at rat fucking today? It was Roman. Kendall has just gone into that room, essentially said Fuck Shiv. Fuck Roman, You know, fuck the fail bros. Fuck that, co-CEOs. Roman could be the one to wrap up kendall And we know Roman’s good at.


Jason Concepcion Shiv can do it, too. Notably, Ken admitted to his siblings that, yes, he did kill. And listen, I hate to pull this card, but is that not one of the Ten Commandments? Don’t do it. Right. That’s it. Says right. There are a number of three or four.


Rosie Knight It’s been around for like thousands of years go by thing, you know, by now, thou shall you?


Jason Concepcion Number one is like the false idols. Number two is something else.


Rosie Knight Be good to your neighbors. Don’t kill someone. Yeah.


Jason Concepcion Then there’s like the coveting one and then there’s like, Hey, don’t kill. And that includes waiters at your sister’s wedding. Don’t do it.


Rosie Knight And yet.


Jason Concepcion And it’s illegal. I think it’s going to come out.


Rosie Knight I love to hear it.


Jason Concepcion I think Lukas and or Shiv and or Roman are going to hang that dead waiter. Oh, kids.


Rosie Knight R.I.P. to that waiter. R.I.P.


Jason Concepcion It’s finito folks for Kenneth Roy. Short that stock right now. Up next, Yellowjackets.


Rosie Knight We’re stepping out of The Airlock and into Yellowjackets season two. And because that was a break, we’re doing episodes five and six, we’re going to be a bit speedy through five so we can get into the real meat, a oun absolutely intended for episode six. Episode five Two Truths and a Lie. Directed by Ben Semanoff. Written by Catherine Kearns and Sarah L Thompson. Picks off right where we left off end of Episode four. Adult Van, she’s running a VHS store. She’s recommending queer cinema classics like Cheryl Daniels, Watermelon Woman. She’s schooling kids on VCR and all the things that you need if you want to watch an old videotape and then lo and behold, who walks in, it’s Tai, and she’s looking fucked up, as always, we.


Jason Concepcion Looking real fucked up.


Rosie Knight It’s going bad. And in the nineties wilderness, Lottie’s followers are growing. She’s doing some innocuous morning meditation.


Jason Concepcion Sure.


Rosie Knight It doesn’t seem that bad doing some breathing, listening to things, but there’s a weird underlying threat of her becoming ever obsessed with Shauna as baby who she can’t wait to meet. Speaking of Shauna’s kids, Callie is still dating a cop. Boo.


Jason Concepcion I mean, this is. Listen. I know that cops, they can do almost anything except for when you ask one of their cop, you they have to tell you.


Rosie Knight Obviously.


Jason Concepcion Like, that’s like it’s like when you invite a vampire into your house.


Rosie Knight Yeah, once you invite them in.


Jason Concepcion Once are invited, they can do anything, so. But this feels like you can’t do this.


Rosie Knight It feels like you can’t do this. I have to say these.


Jason Concepcion You can’t date a high school girl.


Rosie Knight You literally can’t date a high school girl and then still use the stuff she told you. So in a rare move, which I think is going to see Callie rise Up the fan faves. Callie quickly discovers. That Jay is really this cop at. M. Saracouza, thanks to him paying for that bowling tab, that innocent bowling tap with his real card. And she decides to use this against him in a very shifty Shauna  move.


Jason Concepcion I thought it was. Yeah, really well done.


Rosie Knight She just immediately says to him, Oh, man. You’re right. We should we should take things slow. Because he seems to think it’s only illegal if he sleeps with her, which seems extremely fucked up, but probably true. And she’s like, You’re right. We should take things slow, because I just found out my mom, she was cheating on my dad. But it wasn’t with that guy that you think she murdered. No, it was with Randy called Sloppy Randy.


Jason Concepcion Randy.


Rosie Knight Back in the forest, lovely Crystal and Misty are bonding over their mutual crush on Jack Kevorkian. Famous Doctor Death.


Jason Concepcion I love what he’s doing. I just think what he’s doing is so noble and it’s so important. It’s so good. In retrospect, is it a red flag that Misty loves a guy who takes people’s lives like that’s her.


Rosie Knight Not feeling very hopeful for the fates of all those old people that she works with?


Jason Concepcion Oh, God.


Rosie Knight Looking bad. Looking bad.


Jason Concepcion Oh, God.


Rosie Knight Speaking of Misty in the present, Walter, lovely Elijah Wood doing just the most here.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight He’s trying to bond with her. They’re playing Two Truths and a Lie. He is very rich. He owns many Taco Bell bonds. Even though any stocks. He’s been listening to Market Moves, but he’s never eaten there. Misty does not care because all she cares about is find a Natalie.


Jason Concepcion That’s right.


Rosie Knight And Natalie is stuck at Lottie’s compound. Eventually when Misty gets there, Natalies’s like please go away. Don’t ruin this for me. Van and Tai they’re reunited. You might think it’s romantic. You might have been hoping for the lesbian love affair. No .Van is pissed off. Van iss like I know why you are here.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight I haven’t seen you for a long time.


Jason Concepcion Why are you here?


Rosie Knight It must be that sleepwalking. Sleepwalking again. Killing people, chopping dogs, heads off.


Jason Concepcion How did you guess?


Rosie Knight And Tai is like, yeah, Yeah, but I got you this pen with, like, a a boobs. You can see a woman’s boobs. And Van is actually very charming because we learned here that they were together long enough that they attended Jeff and Shauna’s wedding together, where they used one of these boob pen stops that like Jeff’s mom. She could see the bosoms. She was very upset. And poor Jeff, speaking of Jeff, Shauna and Callie finally begin to bond as Callie reveals that she’s now a criminal mastermind who’s lying to the cops. Jeff is very upset. But Shauna is like, Wait a minute.


Jason Concepcion Poor Jeff.


Rosie Knight I know , Poor Jeff


Jason Concepcion Like every day is like some other piece of insane bad news. Hey, honey, I’m having an affair. Also, I killed the guy. Hey, honey, our daughter is fucking a cop.


Rosie Knight And he knows about it. And also, she is complicit because I decided the best thing to do was to, like, tell her I’m a murderer. So Shauna is very impressed with Callie’s plan, though she does, later on in the episode, say it would have been better if you slept with them, because then it would have been inadmissible.


Jason Concepcion Fucking crazy thing to say.


Rosie Knight What a crazy thing to say to your daughter.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely nuts.


Rosie Knight So Shauna is like, Callie, good plan. I’m going to go to the motel with Randy and pretend to have sex with him. And you’re going to tell the cops my mom’s going to have sex with Randy at the motel. This is a terrible plan because Randy’s an idiot, so I already knew this is going badly. But good for making the most of it.


Jason Concepcion Why don’t you just actually fuck Randy?


Rosie Knight L you’ve already. Like everything else, he’s having an affair.


Jason Concepcion And then kill the person, the other.


Rosie Knight Somebody you’re going to have sex with. Yeah.


Jason Concepcion And you involve your husband, or I’ll just have sex with.


Rosie Knight Randy, or I just go with you and you have sex with Jeff and Randy. Just be in there. I don’t know. There’s some kind of plan that could have been bad.


Rosie Knight Meanwhile, in the wilderness. Oh, Travis is trying to break through to Javi. Javi still staying quiet. Nobody knows where he went. Nobody knows what happened.


Jason Concepcion I am with Travis here. Javi, I know it’s been tough. You’ve been out there. No one knows. We’ve been going through. It’s crazy, yada, yada, yada, yada. Bro, where the fuck have you been?


Rosie Knight That’s all I need to know. Yeah, you can just tell me that one thing. Nothing else. You just. Just tell me that. How did you survive?


Jason Concepcion You have to fucking anwser me.


Rosie Knight Yeah, literally. And obviously, Travis is still, you know, he’s saying to him, like, it’s okay, like some fucked up shit happened on Doom coming. Like they did try and have an orgy and rape me and then try and kill me. It was really fucked up. I’m sorry you saw that. And finally, as Natalie’s like, Don’t worry, man. Like, just give him time. Listeners,  you’ve been waiting for us to acknowledge.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight You’ve been waiting for Travis to acknowledge it. Travis yells at Natalie, and he’s like, Fuck you. You faked the bloody clothes that you found in the forest to make me give up looking for Javi.


Jason Concepcion I mean, fair play to Travis, but if I’m Natalie here, I’m doubling, tripling, quadrupling down to just being a What? There’s fucking bloody, there’s bloody clothes right there. I don’t know why I thought it was his. I don’t know where it came from.


Rosie Knight That You’re right. She should have done that. She’s too honest, too pure. I will say she’s right, though. She’s like, it doesn’t make sense. Like I thought he was dead. Sorry. He should be dead. What the fuck is going on?


Jason Concepcion It, it absolutely doesn’t make sense, But that’s a very tough message when he is there.


Rosie Knight Yeah, exactly. And it’s also, like, really funny, because Javi’s like, like a Travis is like, you know, maybe I could have saved him, like, and he wouldn’t be so. I was like, Bro, it was just like three days later or something. Like, it was not much of a difference. Speaking of Natalie, she’s trying to enact her plans to uncover Lottie’s evil. Again, sees Misty not happy about it. Meanwhile, she’s like, Who the fuck is this? Misty leaves, and it’s a big, Misty episode this week.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Because here we go. Getting to some of the. This is the big moment. In this episode, we learn a lot about Misty’s twisted view on friendship. As she and Crystal grow ever closer. They’re bonding over these weird secrets, like having a crush on Kavorkian.


Jason Concepcion Too warm.


Rosie Knight Too warm, they’re.


Jason Concepcion Too optimistic. You could feel the darkness creeping in


Rosie Knight Something was going to happen. And they’re bonding. They’re telling their darkest secrets Crystal’s talking about how she let a guy finger bang her in the lead up of Hello Birdie. Misty walked in on her parents having sex.


Jason Concepcion Bye bye birdie.


Rosie Knight Bye bye Birdie.


Jason Concepcion But yeah, bye bye. Oh, yeah.


Rosie Knight Yeah. That was the song they were singing when it happened. And. Misty is too comfortable. Because Crystal is really selling it. Crystal’s like  we are so lucky.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Not many people find people who will accept them for who they truly are.


Jason Concepcion Soulmates.


Rosie Knight And I was like looking at the screen. And I was like, Don’t do it, Misty.


Jason Concepcion Deepest, darkest secrets. I will accept, I accept that all about you. Whatever it is.


Rosie Knight We are so lucky.


Jason Concepcion About you.


Rosie Knight Misty’s face is glowing. And I’m like, Misty, do not fucking do it. But I know you’re going to do it. And Misty says, you’ve got a pinky swear. So they pinky swear. And she reveals to Crystal that the day after they crashed, she found the black box and GPS tracker of the plane and destroyed it. And she’s like, Don’t tell anyone. And Crystal’s like, What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re a psycho. You’re the reason we never got rescued. Like. And Misty’s like, Oh, I’m just joking. Are you kidding? Crystal’s like, Oh, she’s like, you’re not that good of an actor.


Jason Concepcion Brutal.


Rosie Knight Brutal. And so, you know Crystal rightfully, or should I say, Krista, as we realized that her real name is Kristen, I think, and she just never let anyone know because she’s kind of meek and they got her name wrong and gave her a cool nickname, Crystal the Pistol. So she’s backing away from Misty. She’s going to tell everyone, understandably, obviously, Misty’s freaking the fuck out because she’s got a vague bit of acceptance post poisoning people. And so she walks up to her and I mean, Samantha Hanratty really delivers. She is terrifying.


Jason Concepcion Really, really delivers. It’s all in the eyes. I believe that she would kill.


Rosie Knight She.


Jason Concepcion I believe she would kill.


Rosie Knight She looks at Crystal. And Crystal says, What are you going to do, poison me? And Misty says, No, I will fucking kill you. And it’s so scary that Crystal kind of steps back over the edge of a cliff.


Jason Concepcion Whoops.


Rosie Knight R.I.P.. Accidently on purpose. Misty’s first murder occurs.


Jason Concepcion I will say this. That is, I think, the penalty for breaking the pinky swear.


Rosie Knight Okay.


Jason Concepcion You swore that you would accept anything that Misty told you, and then you took it back after you pinky swore. Just because she destroyed the black box and consigned all of you to enlist weeks and months trapped in the wilderness.


Rosie Knight You said you were her best friend.


Jason Concepcion Dead bodies. You.


Rosie Knight You said you were best friend.


Jason Concepcion You can’t take that back. And now you’re dead.


Rosie Knight That was fate. You know, Misty did.Not actually push us, so that was fate pushing her over the edge.


Jason Concepcion But she. I mean, Misty like crowded her.


Rosie Knight She crowded her. It was a murder.


Jason Concepcion It wasn’t a full, like, arms extended, but it was like, I’m going to get in your space and make a really scary face. And I understand that you are like heels to a cliff.


Rosie Knight Yeah, it was a accidentally on purpose.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight But we can say we have seen Misty’s first victim, at least as early as we know.


Jason Concepcion And by the way, bad actress. I’m sorry, Crystal. You didn’t see Misty playing off, finding your dead body. You didn’t see that because I was God level.


Rosie Knight She is fucking ready. So things aren’t going much better in the prison for Misty, where we find out in an incredibly strange reflection that almost made me feel like I was Walter somehow related to Crystal. And this is like, a weird vengeance plot. Walter reveals that he knows that Adam R.I.P. Adam, who wasn’t Javi. He’s like, He was married and it was you. I think you get it.


Jason Concepcion Also, what a weird tone. He does it in. And yeah, I just kind of like, decided that you did it. You think you did it.


Rosie Knight And then. And then it was tense. He’s like, But you got to understand that my grandma, I love that she sent me a Christmas card every year from prison because she murdered my grandpa.


Jason Concepcion That’s right.


Rosie Knight But you know what? She was a good person. Like you’re a good person. He’s like, you’re your edgy or impulsive. You’re charming. Basically all the hallmarks of a serial killer. And I just want you to know I accept you.  And Misty’s like, no, I’m fucking doing this shit again. Fuck you. And she just leaves. She’s like, I am not fucking doing that shit. And she’s like, I’m going to go join Lottie’s cult. Because I got to save my real friend, Natalie. You know what? Natalie doesn’t really want her help, but I once again appreciate Misty’s tenacity. Van and Tai, we’re getting a lot of history here. Ty is a really bad friend.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Bad ex. Bad friend. Van’ss mom died. Van’s mom.


Jason Concepcion Bad partner. Bad Mom.


Rosie Knight Bad Mom. Bad.


Jason Concepcion Bad state senator. Bad. Bad.


Rosie Knight Wait a minute, what’s going on about the state Senatorship, actually? Good point.


Jason Concepcion I know like, when has she been in the office?


Rosie Knight Never.


Jason Concepcion When is she doing her work?


Rosie Knight So we learned that Van’s mom, who it seems like is implied that she was probably quite homophobic and toxic van out to take care of her for years as she died of cancer in vans apartment. Van’s business is going to shit and Tai is like doing all this kind of weird emotional manipulation where she’s like, I don’t want your help because, you know, I don’t want you to get hurt like everybody who I love, but is like, Babe, you turned up at our house with No, no. So you kind of do want to help. And once again, like Bernie Sanders, we are asking for Tai to please get some professional help.


Jason Concepcion Please.


Rosie Knight And  leave Van alone. Shauna and Randy’s fake date is happening. It’s really good. Shauna is absolutely decimating Randy, basically blackmailing him because he blackmailed her and she’s like, Go and jerk off in this condom. It’s a terrible idea. Randy cannot do it. And instead he’s like, oh, that’s some lotion. This’ll work. This could in no way backfire.


Jason Concepcion I mean, it’s not I’m not a chemist. I’m not a biologist. It’s I don’t think it’s the same material.


Rosie Knight I would say. I think we can make that guess.


Jason Concepcion Right.


Rosie Knight At least. Natalie.


Jason Concepcion Can we check out guys? Can we.


Rosie Knight Fact check.


Jason Concepcion Fact check? Is lotion the same as semen?


Rosie Knight We need that one fact check, guys. Shauna is not the only one doing a little confrontation. As Natalie tries to showdown Lottie and say Lottie is scamming her followers. But turns out. Not surprised. Lottie’s actually been super transparent.


Jason Concepcion I have to say that.


Rosie Knight The followers give up their belongings and personal goods. They give that info because they trust her.


Jason Concepcion Five stars on Yelp.


Rosie Knight Yeah, five stars for the wellness cult. And Lottie kind of breakthrough to Nat in this moment, which is going to lead to this kind of huge shocking potential reveal at the end of the episode thanks to submersive regression therapy. Before we get to that, we’re in the past. Lottie’s freaking Shauna out. She’s talking to the baby. Shauna is like, I’m out, I’m gone. She goes into the woods. Where’s she going? Nobody knows. But her and Tai aregoing to get stuck in a winter storm and it’s going to end rather badly. Javi reveals his first line, which he tells the useless coach bed. And so I’m not sure why he did that, but I guess he doesn’t know he’s been useless. And he says, My friend told me not to come back. Who is he talking about?


Jason Concepcion Who is he talking about?


Rosie Knight Antler queen? Some kind of other friend, whoever he was staying with. And then we get that. Oscar winning.


Jason Concepcion It’s incredible.


Rosie Knight From Misty as she makes it back to the cabin. This is also incredibly raw.


Jason Concepcion Unreal.


Rosie Knight To Crystal because Misty’s like, Oh, my God, I was out there. I lost Crystal in the snow. Oh, my God. I wass screaming her name and not a lot. Akilah, got to give her due. She’s like, We need to go find her. Everyone else goes, Oh, my God, Tai And Shauna  are out there and just leave. And it’s like, poor Crystal, never getting the respect you deserve. Never at all. Van’s home. We see Nighttime Tai for the first time in a while, and she says this isn’t where we’re supposed to be very ominous after kissing Van unconsensually. Begging the question, why does she want them to go? Well, I’m sure we may find out soon at Lottie’s compound. Misty joins giving up all of her belongings. She’s kind of like taking it a little bit and Nat decides that she’s going to do regression therapy with Lottie. We learned a lot about her last night with Travis here. The pair got high even though Travis was in a relationship and was trying to get clean. And she OD’d. While she overdosed, she had a nightmarish vision which showed all the girls on the plane dead.


Jason Concepcion Dun, dun, dun


Rosie Knight Very lost. Burned up as if they never survived the crash at all? And she says we didn’t make it. And what she says, none of us. Natalie claims that they brought something terrible back from the woods with them. And that is apparently what the note meant, that Travis left what he said. Natalie was right. Something did come back. So the big question is, did they actually survive at all or is this all lost or are we in that parallel timeline?


Jason Concepcion I think it’s I think they did survive, but I think it’s final destination. I think they cheated death.


Rosie Knight They cheated death. And now he wants it back. And speaking of cheating death, Shauna is about. To die in a forest in the snow because she’s going into labor. But using Lottie’s mysterious meditation powers. The guy was cool tie and showing a back to the cabin just asShaunaa goes into labor and in one of the best needle drops in a series full of them, Misty says, is she going into labor? And then they play Mother by Danzig. And the baby is coming along with the baby. And it’s on the Yellowjackets Episode six.


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Jason Concepcion And we’re back.


Rosie Knight This episode, if you’ve watched it, sorry that you’ve already watched it, if you haven’t watched it, go and watch it. And then I’m sorry that you’re going to watch it. Qui, directed by documentarian, Liz Garbus and written by Karen Joseph Adcock and Amini Rosa. In a very nostalgic nineties flashback, Coach Ben leads a health class session on pregnancy. Misty is extremely into it.


Jason Concepcion All fun and games then.


Rosie Knight All fun and games.


Jason Concepcion All fun and games.


Rosie Knight Lots of flirting, lots of shenanigans. Misty wants to know how much blood there is, but everyone else couldn’t be less interested in what’s going on on the screen. Ironic seeing as one of the most soon to be giving birth Blur’s song, Two. It’s Shauna and people are singing Woo hoo as she screams in agony and the girls freak out. Misty was planning to be the Dula alongside with Crystal, but now Crystal is gone a.k.a murdered. Misty doesn’t know what to do. Kam Green Pine. Misty’s has given up her phone. Walter is still texting her.


Jason Concepcion Well,yeah.


Rosie Knight What’s going to happen? Who’s? I need to know more. I want to know how he’s going to come back into it. We only have three episodes left of Yellow Season two.


Jason Concepcion What do you think now? Let me ask you. It feels like Walter is going to be the as far as dark and twisted as Misty is. It feels like Walter is going to be an even more dark, twisted character.


Rosie Knight He is, I think, the way they’re setting him up as being sort of like infinitely wealthy.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight And he doesn’t have to do anything. And all he does is this kind of true crime. I would assume he’s kind of a perfect crime killer. He has anything he can get away with. Whatever.


Jason Concepcion He’s like a most dangerous game guy.


Rosie Knight Very Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You know, you have a huge compound and you can do whatever you want. So maybe Misty has had. A clean escape here. It could be because maybe Walter is a wants to punish people who he thinks are guilty kind of killer. So he finds people like Misty, who he decides have murdered and then decides to murder them. Lottie understandably quite freaked out when she sees Misty. Interestingly, as well, seems like all of the girls thought Lottie was still institutionalized, so they had not checked in on her for a while. But. This made me feel very sad. As someone who has struggled with mental health and has kind of like knows and loves a lot of people who do. Lottie starts to see Misty arriving as kind of like it inspires some magical thinking, and she starts to think like, Well, the wilderness is sending these people to me. There’s a reason that this is happening. And so suddenly she’s like, Well, Misty, why don’t you stay? She’s like, You love Natalie, right? Could be good for her. Could be good for your friend. And you know what? Looks like Shauna is going to need somewhere to hide, too, because Kevin Tan, good old Kevin, Natalie’s old boyfriend, calls him up to the police station and he’s like, Hey, I need to talk to you. Just like, Babe, I’ve got your back. She’s like, Not you.


Jason Concepcion Not you.


Rosie Knight You are irrelevant. She’s like, He wants to talk to me and our daughter, Callie. Look.


Jason Concepcion This is Callie’s high moment. This is the high watermark of Callie


Rosie Knight Callie is too real. Shauna is losing it at this point. She is so chaotic. I will say, this is a crazy thing to say. We did mention this, but she does say to Callie Callie’s like, you know, I wasn’t sleeping with him. We were just hanging out. Look, Shauna has no morals, no boundaries, and is very chaotic, but she’s not exactly wrong when she says it would have been better if you just sleep with him, then everything you would have told him would have been inadmissible. I will say, though, I feel like it’s all inadmissible. I’d be lying to a teenager.


Jason Concepcion Can’t be right.


Rosie Knight No. It feels so.


Jason Concepcion Going on a date with a teenager.


Rosie Knight Multiple dates.


Jason Concepcion Multiple dates.


Rosie Knight Who you picked up in a bar.


Jason Concepcion Who you picked up in a bar.


Rosie Knight She’s underage.


Jason Concepcion For the express purpose of discovering whether her mom killed the guy or not, feels.


Rosie Knight Might not hold up in court.


Jason Concepcion I don’t think it’s right. No, I don’t think it’s right.


Rosie Knight It, there’s many things go wrong in this episode, including in the wilderness Shauna is in labor. We’re here, The big episode is happening, the baby is coming. And the girls are really struggling to behave in like a non insane way.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight The reality of what is happening is quickly setting in. Lottie’s crew is saying unhinged things, but he’s like, Let’s share our Hopes and Mari goes, wilderness I hope that Shauna, Shauna doesn’t die. And obviously Shauna is like what the fuck. Lottie starts a prayer citcle and Tai’s love for Shauna. I mean, Jasmine Savoy Brown kills this episode.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight It really shines through because she starts to push the call away and basically decides she’s going to support Shauna through this pain and the fear of the fact that this labor could go on for days. And Jasmine delivers this like series best line where she’s like, You can fucking do anything to Shauna when Shauna is like, I can’t do this. And it’s just kind of the kind of line delivery that makes you tear up. At Lottie’s, you know, modern day wilderness compound. Natalie is dealing with the fallout of her vision and kind of really feeling like she killed Travis.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight She made him believe that something had come back. And, you know, Lisa, I’m really trying to work out I can’t work out if Nicole Maines, Lisa, is going to be a major player or is just like a really genuine, great person that they’ve introduced. She has infinite patience and grace for Natalie.


Jason Concepcion Very very true.


Rosie Knight It doesn’t matter what Natalie does. It is just like Lisa, is that Natalie shooting a gun at some tin cans? Now he’s doing some crazy shit. And Lisa’s and she’s like, I know things suck, man, but, like, we can get through this. And it’s actually very, very nice. So I’m. I’m interested to see where that goes. Van is sick of Tai’s shit in the modern day as well. The Nighttime Tai reunion did not go well. And she says the Tai like shelve these tapes. But you need to get ouot of here soon.


Jason Concepcion Not even shelve, don’t worry about the tapes. I got it. Get the fuck out of my shop.


Rosie Knight Literally.


Jason Concepcion Get out of here.


Rosie Knight Van’s too nice. You need to be gone out of that shop. Which, by the way, if you want to have some fun before the horrible things really start to get going this episode, The production design on Van’s VHS shop is so fun. Like every movie, they have Airplane, they have like fucking Scream. Like every movie that they highlight in there is so directly connected to the plot of the show and the kind of incredible queerness in my horror genre cinema. It’s just really fun. So in the wilderness, Misty absolutely flops it. But it’s all been leading to this. She was obsessed with the video. But you know what? She’s traumatized.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight She actually is traumatized. I wrote up a great interview that Maya, my editor, Amelia, did at IGN, I wrote up a huge piece breaking down this episode, and Samantha says, like, this is really one of the first times that you see Misty as a human, like she is legitimately traumatized about what happened to Crystal, even though it was absolutely her fault. Just want to say that. So Misty runs away. Akila has to deliver the baby, and Natalie tries to bring in Coach Ben. At this point, I’m ready for them to eat Coach Ben. Because he is truly useless. I think they’re doing a very good, interesting character arc of like. The adult failing and the adult basically disassociating and not being able to tap into that feral nature that the girls can do. But now he tries to bring in Coach Ban and he is useless as ever and goes back to his disassociation core.


Jason Concepcion I think that’s unfair to coach Ben. Not necessarily inaccurate. But maybe unfair to his particular situation. He is, of course, concerned that one day he will be eaten.


Rosie Knight Okay is true. He did see them eat a person, and he is a person and he did not eat the person. So I do feel for him. But I do think that is doing something really interesting here about the teenage girls are more open and flexible to this kind of horrific situation, whereas he is stuck in this idyllic past. There’s this great moment where all he wants to do is just play charades. And he’s so scared and it’s really, really just brilliantly done. But also, I needed him to help with this baby. He didn’t. Teenage girls are taking over. Travis, honestly, another moment for me. But I get it. Like Travis decides the best thing to do is to grab a giant, creepy skull that came from, what? Some kind of creepy, creepy animal and commit a blood sacrifice. So he’s fully on Team Lottie at this point. Shauna freaks the fuck out, understandably, And it does as we will come see basically zero to materially help her labor.


Jason Concepcion A big zero.


Rosie Knight Big zero. Also, probably very deeply, this seems like a Lottie and Travis, like key memory here because she’s like the wilderness recognizes your sacrifice and so do I. And everyone’s just looking at them like, what is wrong with you? Back in the future, Lottie’s not doing too well. And I’m very. I will ask you about this, actually.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight So we see her at the therapist.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Who replaced her original therapist who’s been treating her for years. And she starts talking about how she’s worried that she’s never been sick and actually she’s been right in the wilderness, is now sending the survivors back to her. The power of that place. The therapist really doesn’t seem to be questioning any of this. Do you think there’s some kind of like nefarious? I was a big fan of this therapist at the beginning who wanted to kind of encourage Lottie to see the visions through and understand them and not repress them. But when she was talking about this, I was very interested in whether the therapist had a vested interest in Lottie believing that.


Jason Concepcion I feel the same way. And I’m also after, you know, what we see in this episode, which we’re going to discuss soon and what we’ve seen in other episodes, I’m also of I don’t know how much to trust. Like, is this therapist even real? Like, you know, like how much of this is accurate to what we’re being presented? Because I don’t know if that’s even as is she talking to herself? Is she talking to a real person? Is this happening in reality? I don’t know. I agree. It feels weird.


Rosie Knight We’re in distinct, unreliable narrator territory. And so it’s really interesting cause she basically just does this spiel where she’s like, I believe that the God of the place, the the wilderness, it was real, the power was real. And I think other people felt it. And that is why they’re coming back. And classic weird Misty moment. We get her at Camp Guggenheim where she basically realizes she’s like a celebrity. Yeah, because she knows Lottie and Natalie, so she’s loving it her sociopathic tendencies are coming out Callie and Shauna, they head to the cop shop to chat to Kevin and Detective Saracusa.  I would have said, No.


Jason Concepcion This is unbelievable.


Rosie Knight I also would have gotten a lawyer.


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight That feeling.


Jason Concepcion Never talk to the police without your lawyer. But honestly, I get it.


Rosie Knight I also get it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. And they’re feeling exceedingly smug about the situation there and the two detectives, especially Saracusa, who oh, what a punchable face. While Jeff in one of another classic Jeff moment, he sits outside the police station just blaring, Fuck the Police.


Jason Concepcion Jeff is a Jeff is a very, very simple guy.


Rosie Knight Yeah, I love him. Really feeling that.


Jason Concepcion He wants a banging tune and he wants the furniture moving out of the store.


Rosie Knight Exactly.


Jason Concepcion That’s all he wants. And he’s happy. That’s it.


Rosie Knight As shown about through labor in the past, Akilah realizes that the placenta has been birthed before the baby.


Jason Concepcion That seems bad.


Rosie Knight It seems bad. And as we if you join our discord, there’s lots of good medical insight in there about what might be wrong here. Voting very badly for Shauna’Lotties a child, Lottie quickly realizes that things went wrong and actually does something good and goes to Misty and says, let’s get the expert. Yeah, what the fuck is going on here? But you need to come back like you understand this stuff and we need you. While Lottie and her crew creepily pledge allegiance to the wilderness would rather they didn’t do that. Be sure. Misty taught Shauna through a labor, and she seems to have come back to the present. And after Shauna passes out, we get to meet our son. Very creepy lot. He was right. She kept calling the baby a he and all of our loving friends are around to. It’s a rare moment of happiness for the survivors in the bleakness of winter. I will also say very reminiscent moment. If you remember, after Jackie passed away in the snow, Shauna had a dream where she woke up and saw everyone looking happy and Jackie was there and all was well. So beware as Van and Tai kind of snuck their way through the morning and the present day, Misty calls Tai. And so finally Tai picks up and she’s like, Oh, by the way, Lottie’s got a compound.


Jason Concepcion You got to check it out.


Rosie Knight You got to check out. She’s like.


Jason Concepcion You got to check it out.


Rosie Knight They’re wierdos, but the food’s delicious.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.


Rosie Knight And because the reunion has to be a holistic one, Tai’s like, Well, I’m going to call Shauna. Shauna doesn’t pick up because she’s in the fucking police station.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight But Jeff is on the phone, and he’s like, I’ll take you.


Jason Concepcion This is one of the funny. Yeah, she’s in the bathroom. She. You know how she is. She takes a really long time in the bathroom


Rosie Knight And ot’s like, guys, like Jeff. And Tai’s like, Okay, well, guess what? We’re all on our way already at Lottie’s Wellness compound upstate. And I just thought Shauna should know. Seems like something she’d want to know. You know, Kevin and Saracusa, I go for good cop, bad cop, the former interviewing Callie and trying to be kind and say, I know your mom, and the latter are trying to get Shawna to break. Melanie Lynskey Melanie, Lynskey is a high level. As she either finally kind of breaks or plays Saracusa up beautifully. I actually think it’s the former on a couple of watches telling him she never wanted to be a mom, she never wanted to be married, and that she did have a.


Jason Concepcion I can’t believe this worked. But it really looks like it’s going.


Rosie Knight To be looks like it’s going to work. And she and then at the end, she’s like, and I did have an affair, actually. And she should have remembered Misty’s cookie rule, which was basically shut the fuck up and ask for a lawyer, because that will come back to bite her. In the other room, Callie is doing very well.


Jason Concepcion Callie is emerging.


Rosie Knight Doing a Shauna impression.


Jason Concepcion Absolutely emerging here like LeBron James, tight performance coming out of nowhere. I we’ve been really hard on Callie this season.


Rosie Knight She’s coming through.


Jason Concepcion She’s coming through


Rosie Knight And she says to Kevin, she’s like, You know what? Maybe Saracusa slept with me to get this information that he wanted. Who’s who are they going to believe?


Jason Concepcion Who’s. Who’s to say he didn’t?


Rosie Knight Who’s to say he didn’t? I mean. And where’s the line between what he did do and what I trying to say he did? You know what? As we’ve said many times, I just want to say again, feels like she wouldn’t even need to do that because of the way he got this information. But you know what? Just to be sure. It’s really great. Because like Jeff andShauna are having this huge kind of blow up in the car, just like you’re losing it. You’re going to fucking blow our lives up. I feel it. The chaos is coming. Jason was right on Xray Vision. You want to just blow up your whole life?


Jason Concepcion Yes.


Rosie Knight And Callie gets into the car and she’s like, Mom, I did exactly what you said, and it went great.


Jason Concepcion I love when toxicity and the covering up of crimes brings a family together.


Rosie Knight It’s so heartwarming. It’s so heartwarming. And, you know guess what? Jeff’s like, you need to leave because you’re a fuckin liability. And. It’s really lucky. All your friends that go and see Lottie. No, she’s not in a mental institute anymore. She actually runs this really creepy wellness place called Camp Green Pine. And everyone’s there so why don’tyou go.


Jason Concepcion Well, let me tell you, it’s going to give you nostalgic vibes.


Rosie Knight It’s going to make you feel like you’re in the wilderness again.


Jason Concepcion It really is.


Rosie Knight Which is just what you want. Speaking of the wilderness, we get this great Sophie Nellese, who plays young Shauna, who just absolutely delivers this episode. We get these early days of motherhood where Shauna struggles to bond with her baby. He won’t lie that she won’t breastfeed. It’s heartbreaking. And the crying is driving everybody crazy.


Jason Concepcion Baby wanted to milk.


Rosie Knight Baby wanted to milk. And you don’t want to be in that cabin. You’re already trying to survive the harsh winter and you have a baby crying all the time. Nobody wants to hear that.


Jason Concepcion Not to mention, but they’re starving. You know, they haven’t been eating a lot of people. And so there just isn’t her body just also not producing milk. Yeah.


Rosie Knight And you know, it’s been going badly for Shauna, but it gets worse when Lottie takes him out of the crib in the middle of the night and tries to breastfeed him. And Shauna is like, absolutely not. It’s very ominous. And after that, the next day, Shauna finally gets him to latch after espousing how she just loves him. And she never thought she wanted to be a mom, but she can just can’t wait for all the things he’s going to do and it’s going to be so brilliant. And he latches and she breastfeeds him. And as she promises that son, like I love you so much, you will definitely be tearing up. It’s such a good moment. And there’s this great hope. And Natalie comes in and she’s like, Oh my God, he’s breastfeeding. And Shauna is like, Just let me do this by myself. Like, I need I need this moment. But as you know, good things don’t really last long in the wo world of Yellowjackets. So prepare yourself. Van and Tai are kind of having this funny argument outside Camp Green Pine, and Van’s like, I’m definitely not going in there, which is very interesting seeing as how she reacts when she inevitably sees Lottie. And they see Shauna just roll up. I don’t know how close that police station was, but Shauna is there and she is driving that red minivan into the camp. So Van’s like, Fuck it, I’m going. And we’re all here. It’s happening. It’s a Yellowjackets wilderness reunion. The adult women gather by the lake while Van claims that she was planning to leave immediately. All of that changes because when she sees Lottie, and Lauren Ambrose sells this shit so hard, she is just, like, entranced. Yeah, like Lottie turns around and Van’s whole face just drops.


Jason Concepcion It was real. And the shot perfectly framed against, like, the woods really is good.


Rosie Knight I want to know what it means. Like, I need to know as the camera kind of pans up and we get to see the whole compound. We see that the women are, of course, standing in a giant version of the creepy symbol from the forest. It seems like an ominous enough ending and it cuts to black. And I know that a buddy of mine and I’m sure he was not the only one actually thought it was the end of the episode because you get that big cliffhanger moment. Yeah. Shawn, she wakes up, her baby is gone. In the past, the beautiful twiggy horrible crib that was made for them. Is empty. And she enters the main living space of the cabin to find the moment that many viewers foresaw, including us. We wondered if it was going to happen. And the girls are feasting on the baby.


Jason Concepcion I thought this was horrific, but I also knew it wasn’t real. Thank God. They shot it in a certain way that you can tell.


Rosie Knight And people involved in it, like Natalie, who I feel like there were moments where you knew and it is horrible. It’s gruesome, it’s gory. I’m sure we got a lot of yells out of people. I would have loved to have some funny reaction cams to that. But, when Shauna wakes up from the dream, we realize that she has not. None of what we saw was true. She has been in the same position in labor that we have seen her before she passed out. She’s laid out there. She’s tired, she’s sweaty. And instead of the smiling faces that she sees when we saw her wake up the first time, she sees that her friends are heartbroken because as Tai and Misty tell her, the baby didn’t survive.


Jason Concepcion Heartbreaking.


Rosie Knight It is one of the most bummer endings of like any prestige show I’ve seen in a long time. And Sophie Nelleese sells it so hard where she cries and she says, Why can’t you hear him crying? And she just looked straight at the cameras. They do a side wipe and the screen cuts to black. It is like, I didn’t want to rewatch it because it’s so moving.


Jason Concepcion Let me ask you this. Crazy theory for a crazy show.


Rosie Knight A crazy show.


Jason Concepcion Mysterious figure, the mysterious person, Shauna’s ghost son?


Rosie Knight Oh, I would love to see it. I think. I mean, why not?


Rosie Knight I like.


Jason Concepcion He’s alive in a different.


Rosie Knight He is the spirit of the wilderness, in that kind of limbo space. I could definitely see that I could. Also, that would give you a a very unique take on the final destination Taipe situation. I also want to know who is Javi’s friend who looked after him in the forest. I think that could be an ant, The Queen. I post episode five so many times when I was writing a piece by Jan, because there is a moment in Natalie’s vision where you see that the Antler Queen take.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight That the chain mail off. I haven’t been able to see who it was, but I did think it looked kind of like Natalie, that kind of idea that it’s all in them. But yeah, I love the idea that it could be the spirit of Shauna’s baby. Though I do think in the interview at IGN, the showrunners talked quite extensively about just wanting that to be like a moment of realism. Because really, let’s be real. They were never going to be able to birth that baby in a safe way in that cabin.


Jason Concepcion Yeah.


Rosie Knight Akilah, God bless her. She was literally, like stroking a mouse while delivering the baby. Like it was going to go badly. There was not there was not a cleanliness or sense of, you know, urgency there. So I don’t know. But I want to know. I want to know what is going to happen, because how much longer. Is this like a Twin Peaks type situation where they’re going to be forced to give some kind of answer in a second season to keep people watching? Or are we going to be like five seasons in and loss?


Jason Concepcion I think you have to. Well,  listen, we’re in the middle of a writers strike to take us out of the fictional world for a minute.


Rosie Knight And Yellowjackets did just go on strike after that first day writing Season three.


Jason Concepcion Nothing is promised in this world. Is there an even official pickup for season three?


Rosie Knight There had been official pickup and they just started working on the first. They’d literally walked on it like a morning before they went on strike.


Jason Concepcion I think you got to start bringing the plane down to a landing level, not all the way to ground level, but like within site of the airport.


Rosie Knight The little wheels are coming out.


Jason Concepcion Because or I guess you could just leave it leave it mysterious if if the real world in the strike and other things continue to intrude on the ability to tell the story. But it feels like we got to we got to come away from this season understanding what the F is going on.


Rosie Knight Yeah, yeah. A little bit more of the threat. And even if that turns out to be a red herring, we at least want a little bit of that, sir.


Jason Concepcion Yes. Up next, more Yellowjackets in the Nerd Out.


Rosie Knight In today’s Nerd Out where you tell us what you love and why or a theory you’re excited to share. Chauncey shares a Yellowjackets theory. Very relevant.


Jason Concepcion Chauncey Talese writes: Nat revealed she had a vision and that there is a darkness inside all of them internally. This is true and perhaps might manifest itself. Externally, my theory is that they all discovered the only way to rid themselves of it, the darkness, is to become a team again. They are all varying levels of miserable apart, and their full power can only be realized when they’re together. I believe that this is true. Whether what exactly the.


Rosie Knight How it manifests.


Jason Concepcion The mechanism is, I completely agree.


Rosie Knight And I think that that ties in very well to what we saw in episode six, where for the first time they’re all back together.


Jason Concepcion Yeah, they need to get together.


Rosie Knight I’m a campy person, so I would really love if it meant like they had to play like a football game together against evil. But I don’t think that’s what it’s going to be. But I do think this idea of the team coherence and the coming together and actually choosing to be a group again and finding that community is going to be integral to defeating whatever they brought back with them. Thanks, Chauncey. If you have theories or passions you want to share, hit us up at Instructions in the show notes.


Jason Concepcion That’s it for us, Rosie, Any plugs?


Rosie Knight I’m plugging the WGA. I’m doing it. We’re talking about TV, baby. Look at that. WGA Captain. Support those writers. Share the their posts. If you can’t make it out to the strike pickets, then share the post on social media. Support the entertainment community fund, which we will link to in the show notes. And yeah, just spread the word. My friend Tanika made some really cool digital signs that you can make to share on your social media. There’s all kinds of great ways, and if you are in New York or L.A., think about showing up to a picket or sending some food, sending some supplies. This is a good way to spend your time.


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Jason Concepcion We really do.


Rosie Knight There was some really great Yellowjackets conversation kind of understanding what probably happened with Shauna and the baby. Just really insightful good stuff.


Jason Concepcion Five star ratings. Five star reviews. We need them. We got to have them. You got to give them to us. Here’s one from Jeff Ashy. Ten, ten. No notes. X-ray vision is a recurring bright spot in my week. Jason and Rosie have amazing chemistry on their show movie recaps have me laughing throughout. I almost enjoy the recap more than the content being recap. Thank you.


Rosie Knight Thank you. Appreciate that.


Jason Concepcion Jeff Ashy. X-ray Vision is a Crooked Media production. The show is produced by Chris Lord and Saul Rubin and executive produced by me, Jason Concepcion. Our editing and sound design is by Vasilis Fotopoulos. Video production by Delon Villanueva and Rachel Gaewski. Social Media by Ewa Okulate and Caroline Dunphy. Thank you to Brian Vasquez for our theme music. See you next time.