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January 26, 2023
Pod Save America
"Monsters on the Hill."

In This Episode

Mike Pence joins the classified hoarders club. The MAGA House grabs the third rail of politics. Donald Trump is on top of the polls and back on Facebook. Congressman Ruben Gallego stops by to talk about his run for Arizona Senate. And later, Jon and Dan test their knowledge of Trump’s posting habits with a new game called “Truth or False.”


Show Notes


  • CNN: Classified documents found at Pence’s Indiana home
  • NYT: Biden’s Handling of Secret Documents Complicates the Case Against Trump
  • TheHill: Senators bewildered by Pence classified document revelation
  • CNN: Trump and Biden teams both jump on Pence disclosure as a classified documents defense
  • Semafor: Why classified documents keep turning up everywhere
  • AP: Classified records pose conundrum stretching back to Carter
  • Axios: Pence documents put House Oversight between a rock and a hard place
  • Punchbowl: NARA ignores Oversight request in Biden docs probe
  • WaPo: House GOP eyes Social Security, Medicare amid spending battle
  • FoxBusiness: Kevin McCarthy calls out WH over Social Security, Medicare budget cut speculation: ‘None of that is true’
  • Axios: Kevin McCarthy’s math problem
  • NPR: McConnell says McCarthy should take the lead on negotiating the debt ceiling standoff
  • WaPo: Democrats hammer GOP plan to impose national sales tax, abolish IRS
  • WaPo: House Democrats eye possible way out of debt limit debacle – a discharge petition
  • Axios: Trump sets out on 2024 campaign trial with fresh momentum
  • NBC: Marjorie Taylor Greene aims to be Trump’s VP pick in 2024
  • NYT: OMG. Trump Has Started Texting
  • Politico: Frozen: Trump’s primary challengers balk at jumping into the unknown


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