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About This Podcast

How language shapes our world and our world shapes language.

Radiolingo investigates all the ways language shapes our world and how our world shapes language. Hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar, an audio journalist and James Beard Award-winning writer, each episode introduces a new way of looking at the impact of language across our lives, our relationships, our culture and much more. The series will explore how language affects everything from how we watch movies and tv shows, how we get our names, and even how we can fall in love even when we don’t speak the same language.  Radiolingo is a Crooked Media and Duolingo production.

Latest Episodes

January 10, 2023
That’s Amoré
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January 03, 2023
A Language Well Lived” (Language Lifecycle Part 2: Death)
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December 20, 2022
Congrats! It’s a Language.” (Language Lifecycle Part 1: Birth)
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