Thursday, November 7, 2019

-Kimberly "mamacita" Guilfoyle  (look no one's happy about this)

As the impeachment inquiry barrels towards its first public hearings next week, House investigators have made a priority of keeping the momentum of the past several weeks alive. Sadly, this is an aerodynamic process and requires shaving off a mustache.

Today’s other developments: 

Impeachment isn’t slowing down for anyone, and Republicans are no closer to an organized response (last night Lindsey Graham tried to argue that Trump mega-donor Gordon Sondland has actually conspired with Democrats and the deep state to take Trump down, lol). And they may not have much longer to figure out what to do about the most important vote most of them will ever take.

Our latest PollerCoaster 2020 survey asks voters around the country what they think about impeachment. Here’s what we found:

The majority of Democrats, independents, and swing voters support the impeachment inquiry. ONLY Republicans do not. Shockingly, supporting corruption isn’t a popular position.

Support isn’t limited to an impeachment inquiry—the majority of voters support removing Trump from office.

The majority of swing voters are more likely to vote for a Democrat backing impeachment.

Check out the numbers behind these findings and more over at Crooked.com 

The Trump administration has quietly launched a pilot program along the Texas border that cuts down the amount of time asylum-seekers have to prepare their immigration cases, the aim of which is to enable the government to deport more asylum-seekers, faster. The program is called Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP), and targets Mexicans who present themselves at the border in El Paso. They’re placed in custody and their asylum screenings are processed within 10 days. That limited timeframe makes it harder for them to consult with attorneys and prepare for their credible fear interviews, which means fewer asylum-seekers pass and more will be deported. 

To help connect more asylum-seekers with legal counsel and give them a fighting chance, support RAICES’s work at the border →


Two Twitter employees helped Saudi Arabia spy on its critics. U.S. prosecutors allege that Saudi government officials recruited employees at the company to access the private data of Twitter users that have been critical of the Saudi government and leaders. That data included email addresses and IP addresses, which can reveal user locations. Saudi Arabia allegedly rewarded the employees with tens of thousands of dollars funneled into secret bank accounts. One of the employees is now in custody, and the other is believed to be in Saudi Arabia. This complaint marks the first time the kingdom has been accused of spying in the U.S. and the 3092384029384th time social media has revealed itself to be a terrifying, dystopian menace.

Scientists say they are finalizing a vaccine for dengue, one of the top 10 threats to global health. The World Health Organization says there’s been a 30-fold increase in dengue infections since 1970, and the disease is moving into new areas, because as global temperatures rise, the mosquitoes that carry dengue have expanded their habitats. (Surprise! Everything is climate change!) In severe cases the disease can cause shock and internal bleeding, and become life-threatening within hours. Last year almost 100 million people contracted infections, and there’s currently no specific treatment. But the vaccine scientists are now testing was 80 percent effective at preventing the illness, and 95 percent effective at preventing severe cases.

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