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Tom Steyer


(Tom Steyer dropped out of the race on 2/29/20) Tom Steyer is a billionaire investor, activist, and donor to progressive causes who has pledged to spend $100 million of his own money on this race. Steyer managed his own hedge fund until 2012, when he left to start political advocacy groups like NextGen America and Democracy Alliance, focusing on issues like climate change. Before his announcement, Steyer spent millions on an ad campaign called “Need to Impeach” to promote Donald Trump’s impeachment. Steyer got his B.A. at Yale and his M.B.A. at Stanford. Learn more about Tom Steyer below:

Why are you running

“We need the broadest democracy possible to take back our government from the corporations that now control it and have stolen the rights of everyday Americans.”

— Tom Steyer

Top Priorities

Campaign finance reform

End the corrupting influence of corporate money on our democracy and return power back to the American people.

Combatting the climate crisis

Implement a justice-centered climate plan that includes declaring it a national emergency on day one of his presidency.

Democracy reform

Institute 12-year Congressional term limits, repeal Citizens United, and make it easier to vote by passing policies like a vote-at-home program.

Pod Save America

This is the single most important thing you can do right now to help win 2020.

Every election matters. Even the ones that aren't as sexy as those Iowa caucuses.