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Michael Bennet


(Michael Bennet dropped out of the race on 2/11/20) Michael Bennet is the senior United States Senator representing Colorado (and despite the fact that you will always want to add a second “t” to his last name, there is only one). He was appointed to the seat in 2009, and won reelection in 2010 and 2016. You might remember the time Ted Cruz’s government shutdown hypocrisy got Bennet so fired up that he gave what became the most-watched Senate floor speech in C-SPAN history (which probably really pisses Ted Cruz off). Before serving in the Senate, Bennet was the Superintendent of the Denver Public School System. He graduated from Wesleyan University and received his J.D. from Yale University. Learn more about Senator Bennet below:

Why are you running

“We cannot be the first generation to leave less to our kids, not more... Let’s build opportunity for every American and restore integrity to our government.”

— Michael Bennet

Top Priorities

Economic Opportunity

Increase wages, lower the costs of a middle-class life, and commit to public education by investing in K-12 schools and raising teacher pay.

Climate change

Reduce emissions and drive economic growth by creating zero-emission economy jobs.

Democracy reform

Reverse Citizens United, pass proposals to end partisan gerrymandering, and stop lawmakers from becoming lobbyists when they leave office.

Tweeter in Chief

Pod Save America

2020: Michael Bennet on fixing Washington and defeating Mitch McConnell

This is the single most important thing you can do right now to help win 2020.

Every election matters. Even the ones that aren't as sexy as those Iowa caucuses.