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Andrew Yang


(Andrew Yang dropped out of the race on 2/11/20) Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur who founded and joined a number of startups before launching the non-profit fellowship program "Venture for America." VFA trained top college grads to work for promising startups in growing cities. Before entering the startup world, Yang worked as a corporate attorney. If you have ever seen a meme, you’ve probably seen an Andrew Yang meme. Yang received his B.A. at Brown University and studied law at Columbia University. Learn more about Andrew Yang below:

Why are you running

“We need to think bigger about the problems facing our country, and that is why I’m running for president... We are experiencing the greatest technological and economic shift in human history, and it’s time we addressed these problems head on.”

— Andrew Yang

Top Priorities

Income Inequality

Universal Basic Income for all Americans, $1,000/month with no restrictions.

Economic Reform

Move towards a “human-centered capitalist” economy, where markets help to serve the public interest.

Health Care

Medicare for All in addition to providing holistic health care to Americans.

Tweeter in Chief

Pod Save America

2020: Andrew Yang on the universal basic income and why he hates the penny


[00:39] Life story that brought him to UBI

[02:35] Why automation is taking over everything

[06:14] What is the Freedom Dividend

[07:07] What UBI prevents

[13:30] Why the freedom dividend being funded by a VAT tax is not a bad thing

[15:10] Why conservatives will also vote for the freedom dividend

[20:04] On women’s reproductive rights and Roe

[23:21] On right wing media 

[25:09] On anti-trust tech companies

[28:05] Why he is anti-penny

[30:21] Foreign policy 

[33:09] Move declaration of war back to Congress

[35:25] Venezuela 

[37:05] North Korea

On automation and the future of jobs

On the Freedom Dividend

On antitrust and tech companies

Queen for a Day with Andrew Yang


[00:39] Universal Basic Income story

[02:32] Automation

[05:25] Automation regarding labor

[06:07] “Freedom Dividend” plan

[07:03] How citizens would use the UBI to plan forward

[10:20] Structuring of the UBI regarding welfare

[13:30] Funding UBI

[14:45] Passing UBI 

[18:38] Yang on Biden

[20:02] Reproductive rights

[21:00] Enshrining Roe v. Wade through legislation

[22:00] International aid in the US

[23:20] Justifying his appearances on non-mainstream outlets

[25:10] Anti trust regarding tech

[28:07] Getting rid of the penny

[31:25] Foreign policy 

[33:10] Returning power of declaration to Congress

[37:06] North Korea

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